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Scott Atlas, a controversial scientist who has Donald Trump’s ears, removed a tweet from Atlas, saying he mistakenly said that masks failed to protect against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that Atlas has spread isolation within the White House, so Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Bars is annoyed that she has complained to Vice President Mike Pence calling for Atlas to be removed.

The Post reported that Atlas threw himself behind the resolution desk after leaving Trump’s house for a meeting at the Oval Office. The scientist, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Conservative Hover Institution, has denied the account.

On Sunday, Twitter dropped the tweet that Atlas said: “Does the mask work? The agency said the post violated Kovid-19’s misinformation policy so that “sharing false or misleading content that could be harmful” its

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Chinese Health authorities investigating the recent Kovid-19 outbreak say they have discovered a live coronavirus on top of frozen food packaging, a finding that proves the virus can survive in a cold supply chain.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Saturday that it had found signs of Covid-19 directly in the outer packing of frozen code in the east coastal city of Qingdao and had detected live coronavirus on the outside for the first time. Refrigerated products. Researchers are investigating the source of a recent case involving a hospital in Qingdao.

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Genetic markers were found earlier in frozen food samples, but no live virus has been isolated before.

“It has been confirmed that contact with foreign packaging contaminated by the new coronavirus could cause infection,” the company said in a statement on its website, specifying where the batch of frozen food came from.

China, which did not record any new local events in the 55 days leading up to the Qingdao outbreak, was one of the few countries that indicated possible infection through frozen food. When Beijing reported a second outbreak in June after the virus became highly contagious in June, officials suggested that the new cluster could come from imported salmon.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there was no evidence that “covid-19 is involved in food handling or intake.” New Zealand has ruled out the possibility that its first infection was from a cold storage facility.

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