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Per Australia, For a flashing weekend with the continent from which your correspondent penned these words and with temperatures reaching 50 degrees in some places …

Australia’s second largest state, VictoriaThe country’s Covid-19 hotspot once said on Friday that it had gone 28 days without detecting any new infections, a criterion widely cited for eradicating the virus from the community.

There are also zero active cases in the state since the latest COVID-19 patient was discharged from hospital this week, with the loudest noise since August being that more than 70,000 cases were recorded in Victoria in a single day and about 6,000 active infections.

After more than 100 days of lockdowns, the virus was the only one that left nearly 5 million people in their homes in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city.

The lockdown has slowed the transition, with Australia’s economic recovery slowly recovering from its first recession in three decades after a huge chunk of the country’s economy shut down in March.

The Australian economy shrunk %% in three months to the end of June, the biggest quarterly decline since a record start in 1959.

The slowdown in the case, however, has removed the limits of social distance between the states and territories of Australia.

South Island of Australia, Tasmania, Friday became the last to open the Victorian border, reuniting families separated for months.

Victoria is the last state to enter Tasmania in March.

Ordinary covid

While Australia is removing restrictions compared to other European countries that are imposing controls on the severity of the infection, local lawmakers say only effective vaccines will restore long-term normalcy.

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Australia has gained access to four vaccine test takers, but its best hope for a rapid vaccination program lies in the already locally made AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Australian government has pledged to purchase 33.6 million doses of the vaccine.
AstraZeneca came under a rapid roll-out microscope, however, when the company said it would probably run an additional global test to determine the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Still, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt Said this would not delay Canberra Expected schedule to start vaccination from March.

About 28,000 Covid-19 infections are still recorded in Australia, much lower than in many other developed countries, according to the Ministry of Health. Victoria accounts for 90% of the country’s 905 deaths.

Not Appropriated Covid, but here’s to getting hot …

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