Coronavirus Live News: Nearly 300,000 deaths in US; Trump will be ‘vaccinated’ on Monday World news


All schools and colleges in Wales should be tested for coronavirus quickly in the first program of its kind in the UK, the Welsh government has said.

For students or staff who are in close contact with an infected person and are at risk of contracting Covid-19, the 30-minute test will be available from the month following the start of the school day.

The scheme follows the first nationwide pilot program for UK schools and a mass examination rollout for several care home and university students before the Christmas break:


Truck hollow trailers loaded into suitcase-1 container-sized container-sized containers from Pfizer’s production facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Sunday – launched the largest and most complex vaccine distribution project in the United States.

The official response to the Trump administration’s decision to make the United States the world’s most vulnerable country is a development in the wake of a devastating epidemic that has killed nearly 300,000 Americans.

While advances in this vaccine are being celebrated across America, it also comes amid safety concerns and fears of anti-vaccine attitudes that could hinder rollout. There are also concerns about the potential chaos roll-out with local plans for vaccine distribution that varies widely, lacks federal funding and does not even reach a limited population at first.

However, despite these concerns, trucks loaded with vaccines eventually hit the road, eventually encouraging a country to suffer from the virus:




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