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Thailand Three Thai nationals entered the country illegally from Myanmar and after testing after positive days, are rushing to find a possible coronavirus outbreak to find about 200 people in its northern provinces.

The three women crossed the natural border last Tuesday and Friday, said Prachan Protakul, the provincial governor of Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

The potential was exposed in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces, including a hotel, shopping mall, cinema, restaurant and passengers and customers in a van and taxi, customers, Prichen told a news conference.

Thailand has strict measures to control the coronavirus in the Gulf and border controls, which has severely damaged its tourism-dependent economy.

Most infections have been imported in recent months and found to be in official compliance, with only a handful of major community-infections reported, each of which has begun efforts to find direct contact.

In a separate press conference, senior health official Sopan Yamirishtwarne said more than 150 people had been found unaccounted for in the northern province so far.

The first of three new cases arrived in Chiang Rai on November 24 and traveled to Chiang Mai, where he later went to the hospital with coronavirus symptoms.

Two more returned to work at the same entertainment venue in Myanmar on Friday. They stayed at a local hotel and later wanted the Covid-19 test, which was positive.

There are currently an average of 1,447 new cases of coronavirus per day in Myanmar, with about 6,000 infections and 1,077 deaths.

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