Coronavirus Live News: England has started a lockdown after seeing record cases in Russia, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. World news



Indonesia is in its first recession in more than 20 years


China bans travelers from Britain and Belgium


Exclude a thought for minik:

If you miss it, Denmark, the world’s largest ming producer, says it plans to kill more than 150 million animals, fearing that any Covid-19 conversion could threaten future vaccines as it moves from human to human.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Danish Prime Minister Mete Fredericksen said 12 mutations had already been infected and that the mink was now considered a public health risk.

Helen Sullivan

Think about this particular mink

November 5, 2020

“The virus that transforms into mink can pose a risk to the effectiveness of future vaccines,” said Friedrich.

He said the army, police and the National Emergency Service would be mobilized to help the farms with the help of the Mink Cool, which would eradicate the entire Danish group.


India reported more than 50,000 cases for the first time in 10 days


On an average one day after the election, the U.S. sets a new record every day

The United States has set a new record for 19 cases confirmed daily, with the country awaiting the announcement of the winner of the presidency, the number of ongoing infections and hospital admissions.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of new coronavirus cases per day in the United States has increased by 4% over the past two weeks, averaging a record seven-day average of 86 days, the number of deaths has also increased by 66% per day.

More than 91,000 new cases were recorded there on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins. As of Oct. 30, the university counted about 99,000 U.S. cases.


Sydney Mardi Gras to move forward next year – but look very different



In Tokyo, taxi drivers have been given the green light to deny fare to passengers who do not wear masks. Japan’s transport ministry this week approved changes to the rules after 10 taxi companies in the capital raised concerns about the safety of drivers and passengers during the coronavirus epidemic.

Although masked is widespread in Japan, the Kyodo news agency speculates that other sectors could follow the lead in taking a tougher line on taxi companies that will refuse to face their customers. This measure, however, will not apply to people who have medical or other good reasons for not wearing a mask.

A taxi driver in Tokyo waits for customers at night.

A taxi driver in Tokyo waits for customers at night. Photographs: Charlie Tribe / AFP / Getty Images

According to Kyodo, a transport ministry official said, “This provision will not support the whole board’s denial of people who do not wear full masks.” A transport ministry official said drivers should check whether there is a reasonable basis for passengers not wearing masks away from them.

The agencies said they were particularly concerned about talking loudly with oiled, unmasked passenger drivers or fellow passengers. The ministry agreed that shortness of breath inside a taxi by an unmasked passenger posed a risk to both the driver and subsequent customers.

Japanese taxi companies have taken a number of steps to prevent the Kovid-19 infection, including regular disinfection of vehicles and drivers wearing masks and taking their temperature before performing their duties.


Australia’s efforts to keep the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine candidate safe could be compromised by huge global demand and a lack of local production capacity, experts say, warning Labor that Australia could fight to deliver it at the required temperature.

Scott Morrison announced on Thursday that Australia had reached two new contracts for the Covid-19 vaccine, one with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for 10m doses and the other with US corporate NovaVax, which would supply 40 million vaccines.

It has entered into two previous agreements with AstraZeneca / Oxford and the University of Queensland and further diversified the types of vaccines available in Australia, as researchers race to find safe and effective candidates:

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