Coronavirus latest news: UK can get better prices than other countries if Kovid can be kept locally, says UK National Statistician

IPrime Minister Giuseppe Conti on Sunday announced new anti-coronavirus restrictions for bars, restaurants and crowds, a step aimed at halting the spread of the infection and avoiding a new nationwide lockdown.

Under the new rules, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theaters will be closed and bars and restaurants will be forced to close in the evening local time, including Sundays.

The new decree, signed after overnight discussions with the regional governor, will be effective from tomorrow until November 24.

“We should do our best to protect our health and economy and avoid a second general lockdown,” Conti told a news conference on Sunday.

“If we respect the rules in November, we will be able to control the contagious curve and soften the measures we face in December and Christmas more calmly,” he added.

On Saturday, Italy confirmed the number of coronavirus infections topped the half-million mark, as new cases increased by about 20,000 every day.

The new decree is not due to strict health or work, but discourages movement across the region but does not introduce any restrictions.

High schools need to provide up to 75% education through online schooling, but specific measures will be taken at the local level.

Conti acknowledged that the new rules would severely hurt some business departments, but promised that the government would provide them with “adequate” financial support.

Giada Jampano said.

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