Coronavirus latest: Death toll in California rises to 14,000 after largest daily jump

Coronavirus latest: Death toll in California rises to 14,000 after largest daily jump

The attached part of the work done from home shares sent Fitness group Peloton After hours the business record is highest. Pelton said revenue for the three months ended June 30, the fourth quarter of the fourth fiscal year, grew by 172 percent year-on-year to ০ 1.1 million.

A US stock sell-off It started again on Thursday, when Congress failed to make progress on a new stimulus package and showed signs that progress in the U.S. labor market has stalled. The S&P 500 index fell 1.8 percent, while the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell 2 percent.

After Democrats voted, Republicans in the Senate failed in their efforts to advance the new উদ্ 500 billion new economic stimulus system. The law is blocked Because the package was still too small to deal with the recession scale in the United States

Northern Ireland has a confused government Coronavirus rules are strict. Household gatherings will be reduced in the region’s capital, Belfast, as well as in the county antrim town of Balemena and some surrounding areas. First Minister Orlene Foster said the move reflected “pressure” on the growing curve of infection.

Number of people Hospitalized in Florida For the first time in less than two months, the coronavirus dropped below 3,000. The number of hospital admissions is 153 as of Thursday morning, up from 3,466 a week ago, the biggest drop in a single day, which dropped to 2,922 on Thursday morning.

The UAE has said it will strictly enforce fines because poor formality of physical distance encourages coronavirus cases. The Gulf Federation recorded 930 new cases on Thursday Maximum daily tally Within four months, it was reported that 8 percent of recent incidents were due to congestion.

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The recovery in the U.S. oil industry appeared to have stalled on Thursday after the data was released Unpaid stock building For the first time in about two months. U.S. commercial crude inventories rose by 2 million barrels – or 0.4 percent – in the week to September 4, surprising the market.

Seven were killed and hundreds were injured Riots in the Colombian capital Bogota triggered an incident in which police used a stun gun to arrest a man who had been subjected to Carnavirus restrictions and later died in hospital.

The majority of state-owned Singapore Airlines is a group of Singapore Airlines comprising regional SilkAir and low-cost carrier Scoot. Reduce its energy 4,300 people, or a quarter of its staff, compared to the average number for the previous fiscal year.

There is the Scottish Government Tighten restrictions on indoor gatherings, Put off plans to reopen theaters and live music venues, and urge people to continue working from home in new areas.

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