Coronavirus: Italy tightens socialization rules to deal with covid spikes – including a six-man rule. World news

Strict socialization rules should be introduced in Italy to combat the rise of carnivirus cases – which also have six rules of their own.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti announced that a maximum of six people would be allowed to sit together in restaurants and bars, and that table service would be made compulsory after 6 p.m.

Other new Coronavirus Measures include:

  • Mayors will be able to order the closure of public spaces such as streets and squares after 9 p.m.
  • Amateur sports competitions will be closed
  • Parties, festivals and other such events, including conferences and conventions, are suspended
  • Techways will only be allowed until midnight

More COVID-19 Restrictions could also go a long way in deciding whether to set up gyms and swimming pools later this week.

High schools and universities will be encouraged to offer more distance learning, he added.

The new restrictions will take effect at midnight local time on Sunday and will last until November 13.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti made the announcement on Sunday
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti made the announcement on Sunday

Italy Was Added to UK specific list After record numbers every day this week. This means passengers returning to the UK from Italy will have to be self-isolated for 14 days from 4am on 18 October.

In the last 24 hours, 11,7005 cases were confirmed, with the highest number of new infections on Sunday.

Mr Conte said in a statement: “We are aware of the economic damage that has been done, but the government is committed to recovering.

“We will not fight the second wave with limited resources like the first, we are now equipped We employees. Billions upon billions have been invested in healthcare.”

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He described the situation as “critical” and said he could “make no predictions” about the Christmas holidays, adding: “It depends on us and our sense of responsibility.”

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