Coronavirus in Reunion Island: 3,014 new cases and 4 including 12 deaths in 7 days with full vaccination schedule

The figures for the past one week show that the prevalence of Kovid-19 is increasing in Reunion. The health situation on the island continues to deteriorate with a rapidly increasing weekly incidence rate reaching 353.1/100,000 inhabitants (against 306.4/100,000 inhabitants last week). The delta variant represents about 45% of the positive tests tested today. All the municipalities are worried. Rapid increase in medical hospitalization forces CHU to increase the number of special medical beds to ensure care of COVID patients.

To limit the spread of the pandemic, it is essential to vaccinate without delay, respect confinement, strengthen barrier gestures, get tested and isolate yourself in the event of symptoms or if you are a contact person.

Health Conditions

The Prefecture and Regional Health Agency regrets to announce on August 3, 2021 the deaths that occurred during the past 7 days of 12 patients from Reunion Island and 1 patient undergoing medical evacuation:

– 1 person aged 25 to 34 years,

– 1 person aged 35 to 44 years,

– 1 person aged 45 to 44 years,

– 2 people aged 65 to 74 years,

– 8 people over 75 years old.

All those who died presented with comorbidities, which were risk factors for the severe form of the disease. Of the 13 people: 8 did not have a full immunization program and 4 people (between 76 and 89 years of age) had strong comorbidities with a full immunization program.

In 7 days from July 24 to 30, 3,014 cases were identified. The positivity rate increased to 8.4% (compared to 8% last week), the weekly incidence rate rose sharply to 353.1/100,000 residents and the number of screenings is also increasing (+10.5%).

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35 imported cases

In these 3,014 cases:

2,604 cases have been classified as indigenous,

35 cases have been classified as imported.

Considering 35,563 recoveries and 288 deaths since the start of the health crisis, 4,394 cases are still active.

So far 40,245 cases have been investigated by ARS, Public Health France and Assurance Malady, of which 93.5% are indigenous cases.

Search for covid-19 mutations

From 24 to 30 July, 2,688 positive tests were screened to identify a single mutation: 2,496 cases presented one of the specific mutations under surveillance, that is, a ratio of 93.1%, compared with the previous increase compared to the week (83.5%).

The virus spreads at a constant rate and the proportion of variants in Reunion remains high, mainly beta versions (54% of South Africans).

The Delta version is still progressing on the island. As of July 30, 2021, 1,117 cases of the delta variant had been confirmed by screening or sequencing (as against 709 in the previous week), or 46% of the number of cases studied.

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