Coronavirus in Reunion Island: 1,160 new cases and 9 deaths in a week

The figures for the last 7 days show a slight decrease in the number of cases with a weekly incidence rate of 135.9/100,000, positivity rates falling below the alert threshold and an increase in the number of test screenings. This relative decline in indicators should be viewed with caution. The situation in the region remains delicate and contrarian.

Health Conditions

The Prefecture and Regional Health Agency regrets announcing this Tuesday, June 8, 2021, that 9 patients from Reunion Island died during the past 7 days.

(1 person aged 45-64, 2 people aged 65-74 and 6 people over 75).

From 29 May to 4 June, 1,160 cases were identified in 7 days, with the positivity rate falling below the alert threshold (5.4% last week) to 4.4%, an incidence rate weekly below 135.9. / 100,000 residents (compared to the previous 137.5 weeks) and an increasing number of screenings.

In 1,160 cases:

1,145 cases have been classified as indigenous,

14 cases have been classified as imported,

1 case is classified as imported under EVASON.

From 29 May to 4 June, 1378 positive tests were screened to identify one type of strain. Of these 1,378 tests, there are 1,008 cases of the COVID-19 variant (987 South African or Brazilian and 21 British), a steady ratio of 73% compared to the previous week (72%). The virus continues to circulate at a constant rate in Reunion Island, and the share of variants is significant in the region, especially in the regions of South Africa.

Taking into account 25,088 recoveries and 212 deaths since the start of the health crisis, 1,935 cases are still active.

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So far 27,035 cases have been investigated by ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, of which 94.1% are indigenous cases.

As on June 8, 2021, 45 clusters are active and 262 are closed. In active groups, we note:

10 with high severity: in Saint-Paul (4), in Port (3), Saint-Andre (1), Saint-Louis (1) and Saint-Pierre (1)

20 moderately important clusters: in Port (6), Saint-Denis (6), Saint-Andre (3), Saint-Benoit (1), Saint-Marie (1), Saint-Louis (1), Saint-Paul (1) and Saint-Pierre (1).

These clusters mainly develop in professional environments and during friendly or family gatherings.

The prefecture and regional health agency provides guides to companies and administrations on actions that protect in the workplace as barrier actions must be applied in all circumstances.

With regard to other indicators, it should be noted:

Multiple investigations increased by 4.6% with 26,606 tests (against)

25,430 last week),

Increase in incidence rate in 15-24 year olds: +9.62% (182.3/100,000) and in 25-34 year olds: +5.11% (179/100,000),

Reduction in incidence rates in other age groups:

In children 0-14 years old: – 8.19% (96.4 / 100,000),

Among 35-44 year olds:- 7.95% (153.9/100,000),

In children 45-64 years old:- 0.67% (132.6/100,000),

Among those aged 65 years and above: – 4.12% (100/100 000),

Among those over 75: – 2.63% (74/100 000).

As of 8 June, 34 of the 117 intensive care beds recorded at Reunion were occupied by patients positive for COVID-19.

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