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Irish duo John and Edward Grimes, AKA Jedward, pose on the red carpet arriving to attend the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) at Wembley Arena in London on November 12, 2017

This is a fun old world. Especially on social media.

You stop scrolling for five minutes and the next thing you know is that there’s a potential stormy match going on between Jedward and Jim Carr (The-Corn-Famous-Brother-in-Famous).

In a Twitter spot, Irish activities bow their heads to wearing masks as they age Coronavirus.

And they’re not the only celebrities in public discussing it as an epidemic everywhere. Obviously there are big Hollywood hitters like us Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Aniston And Lopez Encouraging us at #WearDamanMask and Madonna Inform to spread the vaccine conspiracy theoryBut what is this aspect of the pond?

Here are some British and Irish stars who are talking.

Jim Korr v. Jedward

Okay, we start with the big one. For those who follow the rules and put the mask in the right place, Jadeward has become a potential hero of 2020.

The twins – whose real names are John and Edward Grimes – criticized The Cross guitarist Jim after he expressed support for an anti-masking protest in Dublin – in a Twitter row that has become increasingly personal.

The former X Factor stars turned their attitudes into tax after posting a video of the protest praising “great voting”, addressing all protesters as “selfish low life”.

In addition to a poster showing Ireland’s official public health advice on the carnavirus, Zedward wrote: “Because of your stupid behavior, Goan is ‘breathing’ the whole country out of Kovid.

(Breathing for any non-chorus fans out there was number one for the band back in 2000.)

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You can read more about the spot Here.

Ian Brown

Ian Brown from The Stone Rose made headlines on the second day of the Isle of White Festival in Cyclos Park on June 14, 2013 in the Isle of White, New Zealand, New Zealand.

A post was published after the Stone Rose star faced some backlash on Twitter to show that she is not only against masks, but also against coronavirus vaccines and lockdowns.

To avoid suspicion, his message on the caps was: “No lockdown, no test, no track, no masks. Wax #ResarChandDustry.”

Thousands of musicians and other Twitter users said that while the musician received a lot of support for liking and sharing his tweets, he was probably supporting the “anti-waxer” (anti-vaccine) opinion.

Former bandmate John Square appeared to adjust this tweet with a security warning, in this post: “Wear a mask, be safe, take care of yourself and others # Capture the camera on the other side.”

The Reverend and The Makers Twitter account posted: “I love Ian Brown so much.

Another fan replied: “Howe man. I already have to fight Morris to be ab *** e **, you don’t start.”

You can read more Here

Van Morrison

Van Morrison starred "Ronnie Scott at A Night: 60th Anniversary Gala" At the Royal Albert Hall on October 30, 2019 in London, England

The Grammy-winning singer denounced the Kovid-19 in a post describing it as a “pseudo-science” in the vicinity, which later appeared to have been deleted and ran a campaign to preserve the live music.

“I urge my fellow singers, musicians, writers, producers, promoters and others in the industry to fight with me on this issue. Come forward, stand up, fight against pseudoscience and talk,” it said.

He said in the news that the gig was “not a sign of compliance or acceptance of the current situation” but that his band had a chance to “continue and come out of the disaster”.

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Howard Donald

Howard Donald of Tech performing during the Apple Music Festival on September 20, 2015 at Roundhouse in London, England

The star was told by Howard Donald that he was “fogging” about his four-year-old son’s refusal to cut his hair, probably without a mask.

The vocalist posted on Twitter that “Kovid really comes in handy for the old and the weak” but the rules of the mask apply to “11 and older” ages.

You better read Howard’s official guidelines.

“Pure bullshit wearing masks for small children is turning the world into a terrible bullshit regime!”

“Please don’t let governments turn this into a” new common “…

“Your kids will ask you why you didn’t allow this disguise and where did our freedom go?

“The questionable hairdresser obviously took the fear to a whole new level which is unfortunately happening in a society where we don’t stand up for our freedom.”

Carol Decker

Carol Decker during ITV "Hit me one more time" - Photo call at ITV studios in London, Great Britain

When talk radio presenter Mark Dolan posted on Twitter from a live masking video station on Facebook, Tupa star Carol Decker posted an answer among thousands of people.

“The masks are absolutely frustrating and it breaks my heart to see our school kids,” he said.

“I’m worried now that Boris Johnson won’t back down. I’m sorry for the nervous people, but we can’t live like this.”

Dennis Welch

Dennis Welch on stage & # 39;  Charity & # 39;  Award for Rainbow Honors 2019 at Madame Tussauds on December 04, 2019 in London, England for presentation

Luz Oman and the actress shared a picture of themselves wearing masks. But he has accused the government of making the epidemic “terrible”.

A long-term mental health consultant, he says there needs to be a balance between dealing with the effects of the crisis on physical and mental health, and not remain silent.

“If in the current case the number of hospital admissions and deaths actually continues to rise, at least we know we’re not in April,” he said. “We have zero death, empty Covid Ward and effective treatment for someone. That’s all there is to it. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s cruel X.”

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Naomi Campbell

In the last moments of last summer, supermodel Naomi Campbell was widely mocked for sharing the anti-bacterial approach to flying through social media.

Well, who’s smiling now?

Since the onset of the epidemic, the wire has been upgraded from wipes and gloves to a full-on hashmet suit and shared a photo of her new favorite accessory at the end of July – the “fashionable disinfectant” Naomix.

Joan Collins

If anyone can look fabulous in a mask, it’s Joan Collins.

Like Campbell, the star says he has been ridiculed in the past for his views on hygiene.

In an interview in May, he told presenter Lauren Kelly, “I’m a big believer in shaking hands or hugging people I don’t know.”

Great advice, Dame Joan.

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