Coronavirus hospital kills 14 in UK, British say

Coronavirus hospital kills 14 in UK, British say

The death toll at the UK’s coronavirus hospital has risen to 14 – the highest Wednesday in almost a month – with new warnings that the death toll could rise again.

England announced 11 new deaths on Wednesday, two in Northern Ireland and one in Scotland. First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon called on the public to work now to prevent the Kovid-19 deaths in the coming weeks.

No new deaths have been reported in Wales.

The number of confirmed cases has risen to 267 in Scotland, 199 in Wales and 129 in Northern Ireland.

As of Wednesday, the death toll had risen to 12 September 9, 10 September 2, 12 August 26, 19 August 16, and the lowest on Wednesday since the lockdown began on August 11, March.

The highest increase was on Wednesday 8 April when the UK was at its peak of 93 outbreaks

New figures were announced as many Britons continued to fight for coronavirus testing, especially in the worst-affected areas of England, and a lockout was announced locally for Rhonda Sinon Taff in South Wales amid rising infection rates.

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The number of admissions to Covid-19 hospital in England is the highest since July

NHS England reports 11 new deaths, bringing the total number of hospital deaths in England to 29, .7. The victims ranged in age from 69 to 98 and they all knew about the underlying health situation.

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According to separate figures, the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus in England on Sunday is the highest since the beginning of July.

The latest official data shows that 153 people were admitted with Covid-19 on Sunday – the highest since July 1 when the number was 201.

Scotland has received one new death in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 2,501.

During the same period, 267 positive cases of the virus were recorded, bringing the total to 23,283, Messrs. Sturgeon said. This is 3.6% of newly tested individuals.

Separate figures based on death certificates show that 4,236 people have died of confirmed or suspected coronavirus in Scotland.

He told reporters: “If we can’t stop the population from getting infected now, the chances of serious illness and death are likely to rise in the next few weeks.

“If community transmission continues to increase day by day, we will see more people die in hospitals and unfortunately more people die.”

A fixed number of coronaviruses per day in the UK

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Two more deaths have been reported in Northern Ireland, where the number is now 573.

The total number of confirmed cases reached 8,631 after 129 new infections were detected.

The death toll in Wales stood at 1,597 after no new casualties were reported.

The number of confirmed cases rose to 19,60 in 1999.

Other improvements:

– The Welsh government has announced that the Rondda Sinon Taff area of ​​South Wales will be placed under a local lockdown following an increase in coronavirus cases.

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– The rate of Kovid-19 infection in Bolton, where there are local bans, increased to 211.1 cases per 10,000,000 people from September to September 10 – higher than the Leicester rate when sent back to the local lockdown.

– Professor Kevin Fenton, director of public health in London, England, suggests a late-night curfew in the capital could be considered to prevent a second wave of the virus.

– The Covid-19 was not tested in the worst-affected area of ​​England on Wednesday – some people offered slots 50 miles away.

On Wednesday morning in Bolton – England currently has the highest infection rate – it was not possible to test.

– Boris Johnson has defended the volatile Covid-19 testing system, saying his government is compiling a list of who will be at the forefront of Qatar in raising the risk of a new coronavirus crisis at the care home.

Mr Johnson was confronted by Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rainer at the PM’s question, after being forced to wait more than 24 hours for the results of a coronavirus test on a family member of Sir Cair Starmer.

– The Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has appealed to the public to stay away from the accident and emergency unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital unless strictly needed after the 100 drops to apply for the Covid-19 test.

– As the fight against elected mayor Covid-19 continues, every family in Middlesbrough will be given a free mask with an information leaflet.

– Ten matches in the English Football League – three in the Championship, four in the League One and three in the League Two – will be played with a crowd of up to a thousand this weekend

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