Coronavirus hospital death toll rises to 408 in UK a day before lockdown ends

The death toll from coronavirus hospitals in the UK has risen to 408 just days before the end of the lockdown in England.

A further 337 hospital deaths were recorded in England, a further 37 deaths in Scotland, 21 more deaths in Wales and a further 12 tragic deaths in Northern Ireland.

A further 401 deaths were recorded in UK hospitals last Friday.

Another 342 people died before Friday, November 13th.

The death toll rose to 438 on the highest Thursday stage since May yesterday.

Eight more died in Northern Ireland, 51 in Scotland, 26 in Wales and 351 in England.

Ambulance crews transported patients outside St Thomas Hospital in Westminster

Another 337 people have died after testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths at 39,998 hospital deaths in England.
Patients ranged in age from 31 to 105 years.

Everyone except 12 (aged 45-93) was aware of the underlying health condition and the date of death is from 30 September to 26 November 2020.

Their families have been informed.

Depending on the region, the death toll from Covid-19 is as follows: East of England – 30, London – 35, Midlands – East9, North East and Yorkshire – 3, North West – 644, South East – 36, South West – 19.

Health Secretary Jean Freeman said Scotland had died of coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours and 999 in positive tests.

This brings the number of deaths under the system – those who first tested positive for the virus in the previous 28 days – to 3,676.

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Speaking at the Scottish Government’s daily briefing, Ms Freeman said 93,155 people had tested positive in Scotland, up from 92,166 the previous day.

The daily test positive rate is 4%, down from 4.7% yesterday.

Of the new cases, 315 were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 2012 in Lanarkshire and 121 in Lothia.

The hospital confirmed the presence of the virus at 1,099 people, down from 266 in 24 hours.

Of these patients, 60 are in intensive care, less than 10.

There have been 1,105 more cases of coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 77,091.

Public health Wales The death toll from the outbreak has risen to 22,994 in Wales and 21 more deaths.

Medical staff in the Covid-19 ward at Neth Port Talbot Hospital in Wales

The Prime Minister proposed to give every area of ​​the Tier 3 lockdown a “six-week test incentive” like Liverpool, where every resident could quickly get the Covid-19 test to escape the strictest restrictions.

However, it later found that 41% of the country is in Tier 3 – raising questions about how this would be logically possible.

Today Tory Robert Genrick acknowledges that if each Tier 3 region asks for testing at the same time, there needs to be a “priority” arrangement.

According to scientists, the reproductive number of coronavirus infections is declining, and it is possible that it may be below 1.

The Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SEJ), which advises the government, said on Friday that the RT for the UK as a whole ranged from 0.9 to 1. Its current prediction presents the situation over the past few weeks.

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And each Kovid-19 positive person represents the average number of people infected.
When Figure 1 is above, the Covid-19 epidemic will continue to increase, but if it is below 1, it shows that its prevalence is in reverse.

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