Coronavirus: facelift, dangerousness… what the WHO predicts

The United Nations Organization expects a gradual decline in infections in 2022 due to improved immunity among the population.

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IThe World Health Organization on Wednesday published a revised version of its strategic plan to fight the pandemic. The organization outlined three possibilities that the coronavirus could increase this year. According to the WHO one of them would be a much more toxic form.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “Based on what we know now, the most likely possibility is that the virus will continue to evolve, but the severity of the disease it causes will decrease as immunity increases. Vaccination and through infection.” press briefing. Infection peaks could reappear, which would require vaccination reminders, especially for vulnerable people.

“In a best-case scenario, we’ll see less severe forms emerge.” But “in a worst-case scenario, a more virulent and highly contagious virus may emerge,” Dr. Tedros says. It will then be necessary to modify existing vaccines and ensure that they are distributed to the most vulnerable.

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