Coronavirus cases stabilize in China, while deaths decline in Italy

Coronavirus cases stabilize in China, while deaths decline in Italy

While China is expanding its COVID-19 tests to newly opened halls with a drop in cases, South Korea continues to face new infections after easing the social distance rules to lift the economy.

In the US, Vice President Mike Pence launched a planned campaign bus tour in Florida after the increase in confirmed cases. On the other hand, the lowest daily counts of COVID-19 deaths with Italy’s hard hit were recorded in almost three months on Saturday.

No positive case was found in Beijing’s beauty and barber shops as an indication that the city’s recent outbreak was largely under control.

Beijing officials temporarily closed a giant wholesale food market, where the virus spread widely, re-closed schools and locked down some neighborhoods. Anyone who leaves Beijing needs to get a negative virus test result in the past seven days.

During the three-day Dragon Boat Festival that ended on Saturday, tens of millions of Chinese traveled, and no outbreaks were reported immediately.

Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that 40 of the newly reported cases were infected at home and 22 came from abroad. Most of the local cases were spotted in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, linked to nightclubs, church services, a large e-commerce warehouse and low-income workers.

The city of Honolulu in Hawaii has announced that campsites will be reopened with limited permits to provide social distance for the first time in three months. In response, the Washington Government, Jay Inslee, has suspended plans to move the districts to the fourth stage of the reopening plan as cases continue to increase.

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As another sign of its impact on the US economy, Tyson Foods announced that 371 employees tested positive for COVID-19 at the chicken processing plant in the southwesternmost corner of Missouri.

On Saturday, state health officials canceled a scheduled bus tour in Pence, Florida and to take advantage of the re-election of President Donald Trump, as the total of the previous day exceeded more than 600 confirmed cases and reported more than 9,500 new cases. The figures come as the authorities take action to close the beaches and deter bar meetings.

Kansas, Idaho and Oklahoma were also among the states of the United States.

While the increase reflects partially expanded tests, experts say there is a lot of evidence that the declaration is returning, which is a lot of evidence, including increased deaths and hospitalizations in some parts of the country and higher returns of virus tests.

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