Coronavirus: AstraZeneca vaccine will be given only to 18-55 year olds

In Belgium, the vaccine will not be administered temporarily, as in other countries, to people over 55 years of age.

LThe imminent arrival of 443,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will vaccinate people from multiple groups between 18 and 55, including nursing staff, residents and staff of care institutions, beginning in mid-February, people at risk, and Carry out important tasks. As the police on the ground, the Immunization Task Force said on Saturday.

The vaccine, developed by the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca, is part of a vaccination strategy defined by Belgian authorities to fight against the spread of Kovid-19 and also uses vaccines from Pfizer / BiotTech and Moderna.

In Belgium, like other countries, it will not be administered temporarily to more than 55 people, with the results of the study still pending in the United States and the United Kingdom, the work’s co-leader said. Professor Jean-Michel Dogen during an online press point. According to Ms. Stordour, 443,000 doses of this vaccine, approved on 2 February by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), should be delivered to Belgium “in the coming days” and will be distributed among the various federating entities in the country. Accelerate Immunization Campaign ”.

A Commentary for the Army and Police

Based on an opinion issued by the Superior Health Council (CSS), it will initially be reserved for people between 18 and 55 years of age. The Immunization Task Force supported this opinion and decided that health professionals in this age group would be given the vaccine as a priority – representing about 200,000 people – to residents and other collective care institutions (rehabilitation centers, mental institutions And) accommodation for people with disabilities for employees), at risk for groups with comorbidities in the order of younger age, with the exception of those with immune disorders (ie 500,000 based on co-morbidities defined by CSS and Among one million people), and “important work” among people – such as police field intervention units and possibly the military before going on a mission.

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More than 65 people will be vaccinated as a priority along with the other two vaccines available – one developed by American laboratories Pfizer and German Bioentech and one designated by American biotechnology company Morden – Ms. Stordour.

A “strong” vaccine administered twice

Professor Dogre, who heads the pharmacy department of Namur University, his part underlined that the AstraZeneca vaccine was based on a “strong study”, “very effective”. It should be kept in two doses at an interval of four to twelve weeks. “We have found that the longer we take out the second dose, the greater clinical efficacy is demonstrated,” he said. This effect “leads to 80%” when the second dose is injected after twelve weeks, he said.

After three weeks, the first dose already produces an effectiveness of “certainly over 60%”, continued Professor Doge.

And contrary to what is planned with the other two vaccines, there is no question of half the dose of AstraZeneca for a second injection, Dirk Ramaires, director of the Immunization Task Force, indicated. They hope that the Anglo-Swedish group will provide enough doses to complete the rest of the vaccination campaign, even though the 443,000 dose figure is lower than expected. “But AstraZeneca fails to deliver more,” he lamented, forcing the task force to take precautions beyond the months of February and March for planning that could develop “on a delivery basis”.

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