Coronavirus: A sharp rise in new COVID-19 cases in England UK News

More localised testing will also be rolled out

The number of new CVD-19 cases in England has “increased rapidly”, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

Between September 22 and October 1, there were an average of 1,17,200 new cases per day in private households – up from 12,600 new cases per week from September 18-24 last week.

The ONS says there has been a “significant increase” in the rate of new infections over the past six weeks, now at its highest level since the survey began in May.

Direct updates on coronaviruses in the UK and around the world

The figures do not include people in other settings such as hospitals and care homes.

And there are clear differences between the Northeast, the Northwest and the most affected areas with Yorkshire and the Humber. Everyone has seen a steep increase in recent weeks.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in areas other than south-east England (outside London), the ONS said.

The latest information is found in that report New restrictions will be imposed next week, The country is expected to engage in three lockdown levels.

Downing Street said Friday that the government would “not hesitate to act” in the face of growing Coronavirus Case

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Is further lockdown inevitable?

A spokesman for Number Ten said: “We have made it clear that we are seeing an increase in cases across the country, especially in the North East and North West.

“And as the epidemic we have made clear, we will continue to review all that information and will not hesitate to work to protect the community and save lives.”

The ONS reported that the highest current rates of infection were among older adolescents and young adults – from 12 to 24 years of school age – where “rates have increased very rapidly in recent weeks.”

The second highest rate is among secondary school children – from school years seven to 11.

The ONS said the number had increased in various age groups, but “in much smaller amounts”.

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‘Hospitality infection rate 30%’

In Wales, there were an estimated 6,100 people in private households COVID-19 September 25 to October 1 – equivalent to one in about 500 people.

ONS says infections in Wales have increased over the past month and a half, now that the trend may be over.

However, due to the relatively small number of tests in the survey sample, it calls for caution in the results.

For the first time, ONS has given an estimate for Northern Ireland, with one in 500 people in private households estimating that there had been COVID-19 in the two weeks between 18 September and 1 October.

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