Corona news: 47 people admitted to Brabant hospitals, eight dead

Jaap van Dissel of RIVM about developments surrounding the corona virus. (Photo: ANP)

On this Thursday we will also keep you informed of the latest developments in the Corona crisis area of ​​Brabant and beyond.

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  • In the last 24 hours, 47 people have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant, two more than yesterday.
  • According to RIVM boss Zap van Diesel, the second Corona wave could have been prevented if people had followed the measures better.
  • A significant increase in the number of last minute bookings from the Netherlands is saving holiday parks during the Christmas period.
  • Most churches hold Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day online.
  • Read all the news about coronavirus on our subject page

13:51 – ‘Dozens of Dutch drivers in traffic jam in front of Channel Tunnel’
It is estimated that dozens of Dutch drivers are still stuck in the United Kingdom. Some of them might not be able to go home before Christmas. They have been in a traffic jam for a few days and have to depend on some car stocks for their meals. Toilets are only possible in a roadside dixie. “Disappointment is great for some drivers,” says 19-year-old Michele Thomas trapped in a traffic jam outside the Channel Tunnel. According to him, there are also fights between the drivers and the British police. Thomas himself did not participate in it, but it illustrates how formidable the situation is. ProTrans drives Thomas to Eindhoven and travels to England over the weekend to load electronics. It was intended to come home again on Monday, but it became impossible.

12.42 – Rebel bars and restaurants delay reopening
Rebel hospitality entrepreneurs who threaten to open their businesses without government permission take into account the new, stricter lockdown. The group, which includes 65 departments of Könklijke Horeka Netland (KHN) and thousands of individual entrepreneurs, will therefore reopen its doors not on January 17, but on January 19. Or later, if the lockdown takes longer. ‘Shops are open, catering is open’, the message is.

11.33 – Third Brabant vaccination site is Eindhoven’s sports center
GGD in South East Brabant will begin vaccination on January 18 at the Indoor Sports Center Eindhoven. First, the care staff at the sports center at Theo Koomenlaan will be dealt with. The location has been chosen in consultation with the municipal and security sector. According to the GGD, the location is easily accessible and it is relatively easy to scale vaccinations if necessary.

The other two injection sites were already known. A former distribution center of Jumbo in Weigel will be an injection site from January 11 for the first round of vaccinations in the fight against the Corona virus. Breda’s Langendijk will be vaccinated at the Old Amphia Hospital from 18 January.

09.44 – ‘Before the second wave of corona the disease gained 1.9 billion’
The second Corona wave has already cost the Dutch society 1.9 billion euros in sickness benefits. The cost is thus higher than the first wave, as calculated by Acture, the largest private operator of the Security Benefits Act. These are calculated at around 1.1 billion euros. It concerns the costs that arise as a result of employer absenteeism.

These burdens are in addition to the enormous costs already incurred by society as a result of all support measures to sustain hospitality, retail, events and cultural sectors. “Where the first wave was relatively short and powerful, this second corona wave is long and vicious”, says Acture’s top woman, Maudie Durks.

“We are now supporting an unprecedented amount of economy and this is only right, but we must realize that employers will be faced with permanently high absentee costs in the coming years.” Acture has included the measure until Monday in the calculation. The organization has been updating Flu Monitor since 2017. It is an overview of reports and their financial impact as a result of flu complaints. This monitor has now been converted to a virus monitor.

According to Insure Interpolis’ InBreakBarometer, there have been a record low of more than 28,113 theft incidents this year. For the full year, the number is likely to be 30,000, 22 percent less than last year and in any case the lowest number in at least ten years, Interpolis says. The number of burglaries is significantly lower than in the second and fourth quarters of last year, especially during the two Corona waves that began in March and October.

07.40 – ‘The second corona wave could have been stopped’
The second corona wave could have been prevented if people were more compliant with the measures. This was stated by RIVM boss Jaap Van Dissel in an interview with Volkkrant. Van Dissel believes that ignoring the Corona advice because people no longer think so. “Of course, most have good intentions, and most are doing well. But at the same time: if we look at different studies, such as in shopping behavior, we see that it is almost at the level before Kovid Is back, “or even above it the sense of urgency has clearly changed.

07.30 – Last minute booker saves Christmas period for holiday park
A significant increase in the number of last minute bookings from the Netherlands is saving holiday parks during the Christmas period. While they are usually booked months in advance for the holidays, many bungalows are now vacant for a long time, as German or Belgian guests stay at home or in their own country. But because the Dutch try to break out of the lockdown environment at the last minute, the number of guests remains somewhat constant.

06.25 – Responsible for ‘stringent travel restrictions’ in nursing homes
Advocate Lisbeth Zegwald has held two nursing homes – Zonhuysarsoig Amsteland and Stichting Amsta – liable for ‘wrongful acts’ during the first lockdown, as hardly a visitor was possible. Zegveld does this on behalf of two families who lost a loved one in that period. According to the lawyer, ‘stricter restrictions on visits’ and ‘adaptation’ were not considered. She says that in Volcracant.

06.00 – Red Cross coaches single out young people through the holidays
The Red Cross will offer free telephone calls to lonely young people for the coming holidays. According to the aid organization, many young adults find the dark winter months difficult this year because of the corona crisis. Partly due to lack of social contacts. “Due to the phase in their lives, they need maximum of sports, games, action, enthusiasm and joy. All those things which are now limited.”

03.53 – Reduction in thanks to working from home
Thanks to working from home, the number of home burglaries decreased dramatically in 2020. Criminals have hit 28,113 times so far, up from 22 percent just before Christmas last year. According to the De Telegraph, this is evident from the latest data from the Interpolis Inbrowbackbrömmeter. Analysts expect more than 30,000 to be stolen at the end of the year, which would mean an all-time low.

03.31 – Health Council advises on Pfizer vaccine
At the end of the afternoon on Thursday, the Health Council will issue further advice to the cabinet about vaccination against the corona virus. The council had previously given preliminary advice on the administration of vaccines against corona in general, now it is focusing on the vaccine from Pfizer, which is now labeled safe and effective and also approved for our country.

03.30 – Churches hold Christmas online except for a few
Most churches hold Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day online. In doing so, they are responding to calls coming from the domes of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands (PKN) and the Roman Catholic Church (RKK) due to further spread of the corona virus. Many municipalities maintain publicly accessible services.

A pastor preaches during a special midnight mass on Christmas Eve (Photo: ANP 2013 / Bas Czerwinski
A pastor preaches during a special midnight mass on Christmas Eve (Photo: ANP 2013 / Bas Czerwinski

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