Corona figures: increase in number of infections decreases slightly

New figures from the Sciensano dashboard show that the increase in the number of new coronovirus infections is decreasing again after a period. There is a slight decrease in hospital admissions, but there is a slight increase in the number of deaths.

After increasing number of new infections day by day in our country, for the first time there can be a decrease. This was a 16 percent increase yesterday. Today this increase will be reduced to 13 percent.

The number of infections slows down

Between 10 and 17 December, an average of 2,547 new coronovirus infections were diagnosed daily. There is a 13 percent increase over the previous period. This growth is decreasing slightly. Yesterday it increased by 16 percent. Last week, the number of infections increased every day. For example, on Monday it was a 3 percent increase, increasing every day. It was already 15 percent on Saturday and 16 percent on Sunday. But now it has finally changed.

More and more corona tests are taken every day. It now concerns over 37,500 per day. It was hot since November 8 that the figure was over 37,000. The positivity ratio, or the percentage of tests that return positive, is now 7.84 percent. Again this is a slight decrease compared to yesterday. The figure then was 7.99 percent. In total, our country already has 625,930 corona infections.

The number of hospital admissions is decreasing

The number of hospital admissions now averages 179.3 per day. That is a 3 percent decrease. According to experts, this figure should be 75 per day to think about ease.

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There were a total of 2,543 patients with corona infection at the hospital yesterday. This was 20 more than the day before and represents a 1 percent increase. In intensive care units in our country, 544 beds were occupied by corona patients. This is 3 more than the previous day and also corresponds to a 1 percent increase.

The number of deaths is increasing (much less)

The number of deaths from coronaviruses is increasing very little. It now concerns an average of 92.7 deaths per day. This is a 0.2 percent increase over the previous 7-day period.

In total, 18,626 people have already died from the consequences of corona virus infection in our country.

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