Corona Around the World: Air Traffic in the States is Closed with UK Policy

Due to the new version of the Corona virus, entry of passengers from Great Britain to flight at German airports was initially halted on Sunday evening. United Kingdom flights to Germany have been banned since midnight. Several other states have also closed air traffic with Great Britain.

The Netherlands initially issued the same ban on Sunday morning. Belgium and Italy joined during the day, Germany on Sunday evening. France, Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile also banned flights from the UK.

Switzerland prohibits foreigners from entering the UK and South Africa. In addition, people entering the country from December 14 will have to remain in quarantine for ten days. The government has also confirmed air traffic restrictions between Switzerland and the two countries at midnight by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. For people from the United Kingdom or South Africa who are in Switzerland, as well as Swiss people from both countries, a waiver is being checked for the journey home. Mutations of the virus have not yet been detected in Switzerland. However, around 10,000 tourists from Great Britain landed at Geneva Airport alone over the weekend. Zurich Airport made 18 flight connections to Great Britain and 9 take offs and 9 landings over 9 weekends.

Because France has closed all borders, the important British port of Dover and Eurotunnel on the English Channel are also closed. France also suspended freight traffic on these routes for 48 hours, as reported by the British BBC, among others. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has convened a government crisis meeting for Monday, specifically closing the French borders of goods from the United Kingdom. The objective is to clarify how the flow of goods can be guaranteed.

The Netherlands has extended its Corona-related entry ban for travelers from Great Britain to include passengers at the ghats. This means ferries arriving from Great Britain with passengers on board can no longer head for the Netherlands, the ANP news agency reported on Monday night, citing the government. However, the regulation, which initially applies until 1 January, does not affect truck drivers.

On Sunday evening it became known that the new Corona version had already reached Italy. The local Ministry of Health announced that a mutation was detected in a patient. The patient and another person had returned from Great Britain in the last few days and landed in Rome by plane; He is now in quarantine. A new version of the virus has also appeared in Australia. The state of New South Wales has confirmed that a new strain of coronavirus has been detected in a cluster in northern Sydney.

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British supermarket chain: Shortage of fruits and vegetables soon

British supermarket giants Sainsbury’s fears were removed due to a halt in freight. Should France close its borders due to the new coronovirus variants pervading Great Britain, certain types of salads, vegetables and fruits may be rare. On Monday, the UK’s second-largest supermarket chain said, “If nothing changes, lettuce, some leafy vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli and citrus fruits will disappear from the shelves in the coming days.” Sainsbury called on governments in London and Paris to make immediate arrangements for food distribution at ports.

To prevent the spread of the new Corona version from Great Britain, France has not only halted travel, but also freight. This means that no truck can leave the English port of Dover to bring new cargo. A few days before the British finally leave the European Union, the main trade route between Great Britain and Continental Europe is interrupted. The UK Retail Association said many stores had stocked before Christmas, so there was no immediate problem. Sainsbury said that everything was already in large quantities in the country for the “Great British Christmas Dinner”.

Travelers from Great Britain are stranded at German airports

In Hannover, 62 passengers were affected by emergency measures when flying from London in the evening. Preparations have been made for emergency at the airport overnight. A spokesman for the federal police said that one woman wanted to go back to London, all the others had to undergo so-called PCR tests. One of the passengers turned out to be Kovid-19 positive. Laboratory tests should now make it clear that the passenger was infected with the new, particularly infectious form of the corona virus, the Hanover region announced on Monday. The affected passenger and accompanying person will now be brought to their destination in a quarantine transport. There they have to “separate”.

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Berlin correspondent for the English weekly newspaper The economist, Tom Nuttall, had apparently boarded a plane from Great Britain in Berlin and reported something similar on Twitter. The police told the passengers that they were being tested: whoever produced the negative results would not be sent back.

The ban issued in Germany also applies to flights to Northern Ireland. The exception is an order from the Federal Ministry of Transport that mail, freight or empty flights and “flights with medical personnel in the interest of public health”. An exception also applies to flights for the return of machines deployed in Germany “and their crew from the United Kingdom”.

The regulation initially applies until 31 December. More far-reaching regulation for the period from January 1 is to be introduced on Monday. Then an entry ban for South Africa should also be fixed – there were also reports of a new virus form.

According to Federal Health Minister Jens Spann (CDU), the new Corona version discovered in Great Britain has not yet been discovered in Germany. It is important now that on Sunday evening at ARD, Spahn said that entry into Germany had been stopped.

Israel: First person died after re-infection with coronavirus

In Israel, one person died for the first time after contracting a coronavirus for a second time. Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv confirmed that a 74-year-old neonate was infected with a mutated corona variant upon detection. Re-infection with coronaviruses is considered rare worldwide.

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According to media reports, Benny Braak’s man near Tel Aviv contracted Corona for the first time in the summer. He recovered after treatment at the hospital; Many corona tests were negative at the time. About three months later, a resident of a retirement home became infected again. With shortness of breath, he was brought to Sheeba Hospital and later died.

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Amid the proliferation of a new, more contagious version of the coronavirus in the UK and other countries, Israel’s Coronavirus cabinet convened on Monday to deliberate on new entry restrictions.

There is agreement on billions in Corona aid package

In the United States, Republicans and Democrats are paving the way for billions in Corona aid after a long struggle. On Sunday (local time), Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “We have finally had bipartisan success for the nation’s needs.” In total, the package would be worth about $ 900 billion, to be passed in Congress on Monday.

Schumer said the package should get enough support for both houses of Congress to pass quickly. It will be the second-largest economic increase in US history after a $ 2.3 trillion cash injection was passed in March to help mitigate the economic impact of the epidemic.

The aid package includes a payment of $ 600 per person and a grant of $ 300 per week for unemployment benefits. According to insiders, an amount of $ 15 billion has been placed for American Airlines. Therefore the public transportation system and state highways will receive ten billion dollars.

However, the bill ignores two of the most controversial issues between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans called for corporate redress from coronovirus lawsuits, and Democrats insisted on more help from state and local officials. Schumacher said the new package is indirectly helping billions for schools, coronovirus tests and other expenses. The deal is the basis for further assistance in 2021.

The aid package is tied to a regular budget law with a volume of $ 1.4 trillion for the new fiscal year. The deadline for the adoption of the new budget would have expired at midnight on Sunday, but Congress had extended the budget by a day, bringing a halt to public life.

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