COP26: Amazon calls for rainforest protection

Harmony. what is its concrete meaning “Leave the oil in the ground” , And “Live in harmony with nature , The slogan and banner of the environmental NGO under which the United Nations conventions were adopted in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 resonates strongly in the foothills of the Andes, drowning in the Amazon rainforest. Straddling Ecuador and Peru are some of the most exceptionally high altitude tropical forests with an unparalleled biodiversity in the world. Soil also contains petroleum, copper and gold. Big mining and oil companies have been fighting for these resources for more than half a century, ignoring indigenous peoples. His representatives in Glasgow came to present their alternative to the exploitation of the region.

,So far, we have only protested against companies destroying our environment, we have demonstrated, filed complaints, pleaded guilty in court, Belen Pez, director of the Pachamama Foundation, remembers. Today we arrive at COP26 with a genuine counter-proposition to the fight against climate change and development based on the conservation of biodiversity., In September 2021, a 166-page document titled “Sacred Amazon Basins” was deposited on the desks of the presidents of Ecuador and Peru, the two signatories to the Paris Agreement. Inside, a reminder of the national commitments published by two states to reduce greenhouse gases, and a plan to achieve it: Stop Mining, Boost Nature’s Economy.

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