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With their mostly dirty engines, older cars are anything but environmentally friendly. Therefore more and more companies are offering conversion to e-cars. Like it is a British company.

With the Morgan 4/4 and Triumph Stag Electric Drive – Cool Convert – Externally, the Triumph Stag converted by Electrogenic looks like a normal Triumph Stag

SP-X / Oxford. Turning classic cars into electric cars can become big business in the future. Particularly in the UK, the number of start-ups specializing in this conversion work is increasing. Newcomers also include Electrogenic, which has now introduced two electrified vintage items – the Morgan 4/4 in 1957 and a Triumph Stag from 1976.

The latter was originally powered by a three-liter V8 petrol engine, whose long bottom of the bonnet was filled with parts of a 37 kWh battery as well as power electronics and brushless high-voltage Hyper 9 motors. The electric motor delivers 80 kW / 109 PS and 235 Newton meter of torque to the rear axle via a four-speed manual transmission. Batteries, whose cells also fill space for spare wheels and tanks, should enable a limit of up to 240 kilometers. Morgan, aged 4/4, received the same technology package as Stagg. According to Electrogenic, it will be the first professional electrified four-wheeled Morgan.

4 The photos

Morgan 4/4 and Triumph Stag with electric drive - quiet converts

The battery and power electronics are also located under the long hood

Electrogenic only returns the value for its conversions upon request. Variable factors include engine power and battery size, and the company can also assist with brake and chassis updates.

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