Controversial Iowa Representative Steve King loses primary race

The conservative congress of Iowa was voted by Steve King.

According to a local controversy, the longtime post on duty, known for its controversial words, is Tuesday’s state Sen. Lost Randy Feenstra’s first race NBC member.

During the past year, the king avoided the comments of “Western civilization” by many on both sides of the corridor, the Assembly stripped him of his committee duties and President Trump banned him from his trip to the Air Force One.

King’s 17-year Congress career was identified by his strong anti-immigrant stance, but Feenstra was able to defeat himself in the 4th Congressional District of the state, framing the King as an ineffective deputy after losing his duties in the Assembly. Des Moines Register reported.

“I’m really humble,” Feenstra said. victory tweet Late on Tuesday. “Anyway, thanks to everyone who supported us on this journey. You delivered it. But tomorrow is back to work. “

Last May, the king in a town hall stated that Western culture is superior to others, saying, “If we assume that every culture is equal and equal in amount to contribute to our civilization, we will devalue the contributions of the people who have emerged. The foundation of America and this is our Founding Fathers. “

In an interview with the New York Times in early January, he questioned why such a term as “white supremacist” was racist.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how disturbing was this language?” told the newspaper.

While the king is out, Republicans are unlikely to lose sitting. Cook Political Report after the victory of Feentsra changed its forecast From “november” to “intact” Republican for this November region.

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In the general elections, Feenstra will face Des Moines real estate developer Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

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