Controversial Brexit Museum project calls for donations

A group of activists have appealed to collect donations of money and artifacts for the Brexit museum after the controversial project was granted public benefit union status.

The project saw daylight soon after the 2016 referendum, before its promoters called on the British to donate items linked to Britain’s exit from the European Union at various collection points around the country.

They have now attained a status that will allow their beneficiaries to deduct donations from their taxes, according to project spokesman Gawain Towler. Opening a museum is no longer an “unattainable dream” thanks to an “appropriate donation” pledge of anonymous endorsement, meaning organizers will be able to launch in search of the premises, added the words of Gavan Towler, former holder, UKIP . Europhobic party headed by Nigel Faraj (far right).

The announcement sparked intense reactions on social media. Writer and actress Katie Brand tweeted, referring to the bombing by Nazi Germany at the beginning of World War II, “It’s like opening the Blitz Museum in 1941.”

“It’s like opening a blitz museum in 1941”

Promoters of the project hope to locate the museum in the working-class Midlands region, which has largely voted for Brexit. They are planning a “very modest” start-up, which is expected to raise around 700,000 pounds sterling (820,000 euros) and employ a professional vibrator. The opening is not expected this year.

An “always intermittent anger” around Brexit

According to the spokesperson, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNigel Faraj is not supported in this project. The museum is searching for passengers for pub meetings, “things that are usually in boxes with people,” but collects items “of course” from opponents of Brexit.

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However, he argued, the museum would not need to be balanced because the campaign for European integration is already widely documented elsewhere. He hopes he can offer resources for researchers, Gavan Towler said, acknowledging that “the anger around Brexit is still evident”.

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