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If you are in one of the sixteen departments kept in imprisonment, the equipment here is very easy to use, allowing you to calculate the distance of 10 kilometers authorized for your journey during the day.

Sixteen departments are affected by the third imprisonment imposed by the government to limit the spread of Kovid-19 in France. From this Saturday, March 20, part of the French can only move within a radius of 10 kilometers around their home. During the next four weeks, it will be necessary to honor this restriction on daily commute, while again filling the Extraordinary Travel Certificate. Let us not forget that without this famous paper, the police are authorized to pay a fine of 135 euros.

An easy-to-use tool

For those who do not naturally have compass in their eyes, know that Google Maps application can be very useful for you. As our partners Capital, Google’s mapping service calculates the distance you can travel during the next four weeks. All you have to do is enter your home address in the search bar and then right-click the point where your accommodation is located on the map. Then select “Measure distance” And place your mouse cursor in the place where you are interested. The number of kilometers will be displayed immediately and will allow you to determine if you are complying with government measures by visiting the location point in question.

Law proposed by the government

Another way to calculate the distance of 10 kilometers authorized to travel during imprisonment: Use the official website GĂ©oportail. The latter is practically the same operation as the application Google Maps. After entering your home address in the search bar, click on the adjustable wrench in the top right of the screen. In tab “Remedy”, Choose “Calculate an isochron”. After doing this, it only remains to note, “Isolation” Famous 10 kilometers, which will be calculated around your place of residence.

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There are many other tools to calculate the applicable perimeter, including the government service Data.gouv, the Kovidadar application. Or construction map, developed by Esri France.

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