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As the Pegasus spy case rocked the world, the phenomenon of surveillance software is on the rise. Our smartphones can also be monitored, not just the smartphones of heads of state.

You don’t have to go to the dark web to find spyware. Dozens of them are accessible in just a few clicks. Legal application as part of parental or employee control. But completely illegal when they are installed without the knowledge of the person being monitored.

The same happened with the girl who took the interview at 7:30 pm on Thursday. She preferred to testify anonymously. According to an IT expert’s report, software installed on her computer allowed her ex-husband to access her messages, her camera, her microphone, her keyboard and all her data.

“My ex-partner admitted to me that he installed spyware on my phone and my computer. It was a bit confusing, part of an argument. I almost felt raped, completely open to everything. To be. The most intimate and administrative, was also professional. There is also a feeling of imprisonment, like being behind a mirror without stains”, says the young woman.

expertise required

This type of cyberstalking is happening more and more often. The Geneva cyber security company contacted by RTS receives one to two calls a day, mostly from espionage women. But the phone or computer will have to be evaluated to prove the facts.

“It is difficult to know how many people have been victims of this kind of attack because most people do not realize it. But we see that the number of software only has increased significantly. But also suddenly with actions like Pegasus or all We’re talking about it, it makes people want to use it in their personal or professional context”, points out Zendata director Steven Meyer.

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“Move ahead”

In Switzerland, these detective trainees face up to three years in prison. But complaints remain rare. Most of the victims prefer to replace their phone rather than pay for the expert report.

“With this report I found out what had happened, how I could have moved on and kept a piece of evidence for the future”, saves the espionage victim.

Evidence of a growing phenomenon. Globally, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people are victims of digital surveillance without knowing it.

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