Connor McGregor’s UFC returns to Dana White after UNFC chief’s Instagram message was leaked. Game

Connor McGregor's UFC returns to Dana White after UNFC chief's Instagram message was leaked.  Game

Connor McGregor fired at Dana White after the UNFC president criticized her for leaking his Instagram message online. In a lengthy Twitter greeting on Friday, McGregor blasted the notion that he was not interested in fighting again this year.

To further his statement, he shared personal Instagram messages with former bifurcation UFC champion White that revealed his efforts to get into a second fight this year.

White, understandably, took the umbrella to share their private conversations with McGregor and criticized the Irishman during a post-UFC 253 post-conference.

“Everyone here knows – even the women – it’s some man code stuff,” White told reporters in Abu Dhabi. “It’s something you don’t do.

“It’s one of the worst things you can do, because we were just talking about Diego Sanchez. And Dangeo Sanchez was there in a private conversation I had with Connor.”

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The idea angered McGregor, who insisted he was at the top of the discussion about his proposed fight with the 51-year-old Pacman.

He added: “Also, you are involved in Manny’s discussion. There are letters. Stop lying.”

McGregor, 32, did not fight at UFC 246 after breaking Donald Seron’s 40-second in January, his first win in nearly four years.

Dubliner had hoped to fight twice more this year but those hopes were dashed by the Coronavirus epidemic and were less than friendly talks with the UFC.

McGregor tweeted after releasing the final section of his chat with White, “I was pushing hard for the season.” “Multiple opponents, given across multiple dates.

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“Everything should take place behind the scenes.

“Then when the quid hit and there was talk that I would have to wait for the crowd again. I got out of the situation. At that point I was waiting a long time.”

Before coming out in public with McGregor, White hoped the UFC poster boy would return early next year.

When asked about McGregor’s future during an appearance at the Sports Center earlier this month, he said: “We’re actually working on some fun things for Connor early next year.

“He should be back next year. I’m not saying he’s back in a guaranteed fight, but we’re talking about some things.”

In a separate interview with TSN, he added: “I came up with an idea a few days ago and I reached out to him to see what he was thinking and he was interested.

“So, we’re kicking some things around. It’s not done. When it’s done, I want to share this idea with you when the roll is ready. Now it’s an idea right now. In the beginning “”

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