Congo: NGOs condemn land concession agreement in Rwanda

#Other Countries : A group of Congolese human rights organizations in a letter addressed to President Denis Sassou Ngueso on Tuesday denounced an “unconstitutional” agreement by Congo-Brazzaville in Rwanda for the concession of 12,000 hectares of arable land for 25 years.

The group read to the press this open letter to the Congolese head of state asking him ,Pure and simple withdrawal of this Agreement which is insulting and disgraceful to the Republic of the Congo,,

A collectivity made up of five organizations abides by this agreement. ,unconstitutional,,

,The transfer of 12,000 hectares of Congolese land to the Sovereign Fund of Rwanda, represented by the company Crystal Ventures, is a clear violation of the Constitution,Frank Chardin Aubin Tchibinda of the Congolese Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH).

NGOs reminded the head of state of a provision of Congo’s constitution adopted in 2015 that stipulates that ,No transfer, no exchange, no addition of national territory is valid without the consent of the Congolese people called to decide through referendum,,

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During his visit to the Congo from 11 to 13 April, Rwandan President Paul Kagame signed a total of eight cooperation agreements with his Congolese counterpart Denis Sassou Ngueso.

With an area of ​​342,000 square kilometres, 60% of which is covered by forest, Congo has at least 12 million hectares of arable land.

Officially barely 5% of this land is used for subsistence farming. According to the government, the country imports food for 500 to 700 billion CFA francs (over 760 million to 1 billion euros) each year.

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,Foreign investment (particularly Rwanda, editor’s comment) is not a problem. The problem is the alienation of the property of the Congolese people, which is contrary to the original text of the constitution.,The signing of the open letter condemned AFP Myxant Animbat Emeka of the Forum for Governance and Human Rights (FGDH).

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