Congo-Brezzaville has a new government

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Three days after he was appointed prime minister, Anatole Colinet Makoso formed his government team, which included one of the children of the head of state Denis Sassou-Nguesso, and an officer of the Pan African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS), The main opposition was formation.

With our correspondent in Brezaville, Losia marshal

The new government has 36 members, including four ministers of state. There are eight women.

Eleven celebrities are joining this team, who have to overcome many socio-economic challenges. The most viewed entry is by Denis Christel Sasou-Nguesso. The son of the head of state, he has inherited a newly created portfolio, promoting international cooperation and public-private partnerships.

Another notable entry was that of Honoree Say, vice president and president of the UPADS opposition parliamentary group in the National Assembly. These philosophy teachers become the Minister of Energy and Hydraulics.

Between 2002 and 2005, Rigobert Roger Andley, Minister of Finance, returned to the post. Seven personalities were thanked; Also included is Henry Jombo who has been a frequent minister since 1997.

Prime Minister Anatole Colinet Makoso was instructed to employ his team “ without delay ยป.

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