Congo-Brezzaville: End of first round of presidential election in peace

The first round of presidential elections in the Republic of Congo ended peacefully on Sunday with a major event, the Kovid-19, with the emergency evacuation of an opposition candidate in Paris, France.

In total, 5,700 polling stations were made available to voters (2.5 million) in the Congolese region to fulfill their civil rights. About 60,000 law enforcement officers voted last Wednesday morning.

Open at 7 am (6 GMT), polling stations close at 6 pm (17 GMT).

So far, no figures on participation rates have been reported by the authorities. Similarly, there was no information on the date of publication of the first results.

The number seven candidate was able to fulfill his right to vote, with the exception of rival Guy Bryce Parfitt Coleless, who was flown by a local medical plane to Paris at around 3am that flew from Maya International Airport. Maya makes the report public. Television + Telle Congo +.

In addition to the outgoing President Denis Sasu N’Guso, six candidates were selected by the Constitutional Court, namely Mathias Daezon, Guy Bryce Parfet Kollelas, Joseph Kignoubi Kia Mbugou, Albert Onianguye, Anguos Nengungia Engamay and Dave Uframe Mfoula.

In response to contamination of candidate Guy-Bryce Parfitt, the outgoing president described the electoral process as “a good sign for democracy” upon leaving the polling station in Brezzaville, while wishing “Guy Bryce Parfitt wholesale” a good one. Recovery.

In addition to thirty representing the African Union (AU), the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), a thousand national observers were deployed on the field.

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