Conclusion on Health Pass, Gaston’s exploits and Abba’s return

Did you miss the news from the beginning of the morning? We’ve crafted a recap to help you see more clearly.

There doesn’t seem to be a deal. The Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, in new reading on Thursday evening, rejected a “health vigilance” bill that specifically opens up the possibility of resorting to health passes until July 31, 2022. The National Assembly should vote on this Friday the final version of the text as per the will of the government. The senators from the Les R├ępublicains group “will undoubtedly file an appeal with the Constitutional Council in the next few hours”, St├ęphane Le Rudulier (LR) has already announced. Appeals are also provided by LR and Left representatives.

There are days when our old bond with the game never disappoints, frankly. Ten hours of bumping into endless matches, doubles moved to Central, to satisfy a crowd deprived of the requisite Monfils-Djokovic, to cool a giant buried in the permafrost of Bercy’s air-conditioning, all in the hope of a tiny bit. To share A moment of madness behind Hugo Gaston, the last darling of French tennis, who had already exploded the stitches of our delicate little hearts during Roland’s imprisonment. It is an understatement to say that we were served, and we had 12,652 French supporters with us, such as helping Alcaraz blow the box alone 5-0 for him in the second set (6-4, 7-5 in ) End).

Respect to all superiors, to all. This Friday, ears and hearing aids around the world will be all ears for ABBA. Swedish septuagenarian quartet distributes an unreleased album, Voyage, awaited by fans for forty years. At the time of writing, almost nothing is known of its contents, other than that the first three citations have been received with such enthusiasm that it is enough to make the record a phenomenon. On September 2, the group unveiled to great fanfare – followed by 1.6 million people live on YouTube – two new songs, a lot of dance. don’t stop me and power ballads i still believe in you. At the same time they announced that a record would be released on 4 November. ABBA-mania did the rest: in three days, the album had 80,000 pre-orders in the UK and another 50,000 in Germany.

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