Concern of scientists, over crowded roofs

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In the UK, pubs and restaurants have reopened their roofs after four months of strict control. A reopening that has led, for five days, to gatherings where social disturbances are not much respected. The government and scientists are concerned and Kovid-19 is talking of holding the capital back under certain restrictions to avoid an increase in cases.

Scientists worry

For the past five days, Londoners have been crowded on the streets and are sitting on rooftops a short distance between them. Therefore, after the joy of returning to the terrace, it is now the concern that reigns. Since Monday, many people are meeting every night to drink beer at the same place.

These crowds concern the scientific community, particularly infectious disease specialist Anthony Harden: “I’m really worried after the scenes we could see in London where people take advantage of the distances without respect”, he told Europe Told 1. With the increase in cases the danger is that the level of transmission is also increasing, and with this new South African version, we really do not want it to become a staple in the country because the vaccine is not very effective against it. . “

Tests to control the spread of the South African version

In the southwest of the British capital, about 70 cases of South African variant have been detected. Tests are carried out in the respective three districts to control its spread. The 24-year-old Ijbella lives in the southeast and is among those taking full advantage of the pub’s reopening. All this does not really panic. “I think there is always a risk, but I’m sure everyone has taken the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.”

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The fact is that if cases continue to increase, local imprisonment in the capital can be re-enacted.

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