Computer failure, reduced ferry service… Transportation of goods in Dover completely disrupted

Long queues of lorries have formed near the port of Dover. In question, the suspension by the P&O of its crossing in the channel and the breakdown of a custom computer system installed since January 1 in the context of Brexit.

normal mess. For days, long lines of trucks carrying goods to the continent have been pulled near the port of Dover, the main gateway for the European Union to the United Kingdom. According to a Bloomberg report, the 37km section of the M20 motorway connecting London to the Channel Tunnel had to be closed to park the stranded heavy goods vehicles for hours.

P&O Ferries suspended Channel Crossing after it announced a layoff of 800 UK workers last month. Also inclement weather has delayed some crossings in recent days, at a time when tourist traffic is also high as Easter approaches.

failure of a customs forum

As if that wasn’t enough, British customs officials are facing a major breakdown of an IT platform called GVMS, on which all vehicles transporting goods across the EU must be registered from January 1, 2022. The system was established in the context of Brexit to streamline traffic by grouping several customs formalities on a barcode for each truck seeking to reach Calais.

According to British officials, the GVMS system should be operational no earlier than Monday, after several days of failure. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which is responsible for the platform and for collecting customs taxes in the United Kingdom, said it was continuing to “investigate the ongoing issues”.

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In the meantime, emergency measures have been taken to allow the carrier to present other supporting documents relating to its cargo. But truck drivers say that checking these documents makes the time taken to cross the border longer as compared to the GVMS system.

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