Complete confusion over flight restrictions – airlines are selling new tickets

To prevent a mutated corona variant from spreading to Sweden, Swedish authorities banned entry from the United Kingdom on 20 December.

A British Airways aircraft landed in Arlanda, Stockholm on Saturday.

The aircraft carried 33 passengers. Four of them traveled to Finland, and the remaining 29 were allowed to leave the airport in Sweden. None of them were tested for coronavirus.

– We have no idea how this could happen, said when the plane landed, the Swedish Border Police Chief Patrick Engstrom told Aftonbladet.

On Sunday, Aftonbladet writes that the company RyanAir is still selling airline tickets for two aircraft that are scheduled to land at Skevasta Airport in Stockholm on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

According to the newspaper, there is complete confusion about who will handle the passengers coming from Britain to Sweden.

On Sunday, the mutated virus was also detected in Norway. This has been proven in Kinn and Oslo, according to Jan Helge Dale, chief physician of the municipality in Kinn Municipality.

Pointing at each other

In the wake of the incident on Saturday, the Swedish Border Police referred to healthcare in the Stockholm municipality, in the hope that they could answer questions about quarantine regulations for travelers arriving from the UK.

The municipality responded that they could not demand health screening of people who come from a specific geographical area.

The Swedish Public Health Authority believes that there is nothing they can do but encourage travelers to take the test, and re-point the areas of Sweden and the Swedish Ministry of Transport.

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The press secretary in the Stockholm region, Hannah Feliलीनs, says that neither the Public Health Authority nor the Stockholm region has been contacted by passengers landing in Sweden on Saturday.

She also says that infection control is the responsibility of the passengers.

– They will isolate and test themselves, and then test themselves when five days have passed, as Fellius says.

Lofven: – The authorities should deal with it

During a press conference on Sunday, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was asked why the British Airways aircraft landed in Stockholm.

– It is the airline that breaks the rules. I do not know if he misinterpreted the rules, but there is no doubt what the legal provision meant, he replied.

– It is the Ministry of Transport and Communications that should handle it, simply because it is an airline that has made a mistake, the Prime Minister continued.

British Airways has now canceled all departures for Sweden. But for now, RyanAir’s journey is going well.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications says it will do nothing to stop Ryanair’s flights, even though “the flight ban applies as much as Ryanair to British Airways”.

– It is not allowed to fly passengers from the UK to Sweden. But we cannot ban the sale of tickets. If the planes land in Sweden, we will contact the British aviation authorities. But this has not happened yet and we cannot react to the violation that has not happened, says Mikel Anderson, press officer of the Ministry of Transport.

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Still possible to order tickets

The Swedish Transport Ministry on Saturday contacted both British Airways and Ryanair to prevent any misunderstandings.

– I do not know why it is possible to order tickets. But many countries have lifted the flight ban, so it may be that RyanAir believes the same will happen in Sweden, said Gunnar Lejungberg, director of maritime and aviation in Sweden, Aftonbladet.

– But they are well aware of what rules apply here, Löjberg continues.

The Swedish entry ban currently applies until 31 December.

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