Colin Kaepernick ‘celebrating white superiority’ on July 4th

On the Fourth of July,white supremacy celebrationWith ”Tweet.

“Black ppl has been freed from humanity, brutal, accused + terrorized by America for centuries, and you are expected to participate in the memory of“ independence ”as you enslave our ancestors. We refuse to celebrate the white supremacy and look forward to salvation for all. ”

After kneeling during the national anthem, the protester fleeing from the league unequivocally paired the message with a video that combined the slave footage, police brutality, the KKK, the Declaration of Independence, and the lynches with Frederick Douglass. Slave Fourth of July ”speech, as described by actor James Earl Jones.

“Citizens, excuse me, let me ask, why was I called to speak here today? What can I do with your national independence, or what do I represent? ”Jones is reading.

“Are the great principles of political freedom and natural justice in the Declaration of Independence spread to us?” Jones continues in the short clip. “… This Fourth of July is not yours, it’s mine.”

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