Coldplay: His new title “Higher Power” aired in space by Thomas Peskett this Friday

Coldplay is scheduled to unveil its new single “Higher Power” this Friday, May 7th. And the British group plans to introduce it into space with the help of French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

So it will be an extraordinary outing that will delight all fans around the world… and well beyond. The latter is said to connect in a few hours on Coldplay’s official YouTube channel, to discover the title which is already an event in the world of music.

This unprecedented project was contained on Thursday during the exchange of messages on social networks between leader Chris Martin and his musicians and the European Space Agency. “We got a hint. Established Supernatural Communications ”, published Coldplay on Twitter, citing the name of Thomas Pesquet, who was on the International Space Station. “Well received,” ESA responded immediately.

Coldplay also uploaded a twenty-five second clip of “Higher Power” on TK Tok, a network popular with teenagers. A track that will appear on the British ninth album, to be released in the coming weeks or months.

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