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Ialty is the abbreviation of the specialty, and the name of the new Barolo Cafe, which according to Mara dei Boschi brings coffee culture to Lange. It will also be a rostery and a cultural and food and wine center.

Ety. New Barolo Cafe

It opened on 31 May, in Barolo, in the center of Lange. Ilty by Mara dei Boshio. Opening a coffee shop in a wine country is a challenge in itself. And if everything becomes an art project, and an educational and experiential reference point on the culture of coffee, then a real new adventure of taste begins. Ialty is an abbreviation for specialty, and the idea is to lump fine quality coffee and spread a new culture of coffee and artisanal products at which Mara dei Boschi (and Cafe, a famous ice cream shop headquartered in Piazza Carlina )) Turin has created its own distinct identity. There is a research and selection work behind it that has given life to a new brand for over a year. Specialty coffee, Until now sold online and in Mura dei Boschi’s Turin stores. Today in some secret alley of the Ialty Historic Center, Barolo becomes a cafe: an attractive location (where there are also ad hoc packages and chocolate has ice cream, Mara dei Boschi has two) which function as a specialty d’unghue Between the world of food and wine, between the world of art and sports.

Ilty’s roster

From September, the cafe will also be transformed into Rostari, the region’s first specialty coffee. We begin with a line of 5 coffees to experience travel to distant countries: Brazil to FLORA, Burundi to GISA, Colombia to ORFIRIA CARDONA, Rwanda to GITO, Timor Leste to MALABE. For each coffee, the producers, the region, the farm, the cultivation, the flavor note, the manufacturing process are indicated.

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Talking about coffee and proposing various extracts – espresso, aeropress, sixty, hand-capped coffee like tea, a technique of Japanese origin – are Gimbo (Born Gian Marco) Vasalli, Who lived in Colombia for a long time, specializing in agricultural production and international cooperation, e Roberto Pizzichatta, Who hails from the world of web and music, has lived in the United Kingdom and Scotland where he followed a new wave of filtered coffee. Two great enthusiasts capable of talking about coffee for hours and you farthest from a quick cup at the bar, waiting and sharing time and discovering all its secrets, in a ritual made of gestures.

Ialty.  From coffee beans

Cultural project

Ialty is definitely a place dedicated to specialty coffee, but above all it wants to be a cultural project, and transforms a cup of coffee into an experience. The aim is to bring together local producers, artists, designers, giving back to coffee the ritual role it has always been, a cup around which to chat and tell stories. “We envisioned our coffee shop with rostery as a place that contains many different ingredients: coffee, art, beauty, the cult of good things“, He explains Ricardo Ronchi, Patron of Mara dei Boschi, who has always been associated with the world of art and galleries in Turin and the soul of Ilty. This is why Ialty opens for contamination. With the art world, for example, constructing its spaces according to an artistic point of view: the cafeteria is conceived as an artist’s studio, as a gallery of rostery and a stage for the presentation of artists. Outer space in form. Artistic projects will be carried out in collaboration with House closed by Paola Clarico, A nomadic platform for production and consulting in the field of contemporary art.

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Communicate with alcohol

Also communicating with the world of gastronomy and the winners of the Lange: The cafĂ© will offer the public some wines by the glass, a tribute to local producers, such as Giacomo Brezza, just to name a few. In September, when it starts with its rostery, Ialty will be available to the public and restaurants that will be able to create their own personal mix. And every Friday it will open its doors to those who want to experience the roast first. Interacting with the sports world as well, thanks to participation in the project Oliviero Alotto, Athletes and environmentalists who have ventured into ventures such as crossing Greenland, running and canoeing to raise awareness of environmental issues and raise funds for fair trade gardens in Africa. With Ialty, Alotto will connect its sporting activity with the discovery of green coffee around the world. The next project of the program is a race among Rwanda’s plantations, a performance full of meaning, which also seeks to demonstrate the importance of coffee in an athlete’s diet. “And there is also the subject, which is fundamental – Continuing Eloto – Environmental certification, so with this project we want to put ourselves at the forefront of the spread of sustainable agriculture

All this in Lange’s heart. “Langhe is internationally recognized as a destination in which to discover the excellence of the food and wine of our region“Ricardo Ronchi’s conclusion”With our project we hope to be able to add a new quality product to the list of good things to taste in Barolo and its surroundings“. Therefore, in Barolo, we will no longer go only for wine, but will rediscover to share art, culture in a cup of coffee. The idea is not bad.

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Ilty by Mara dei Boshio – Barolo (CN) – Vicolo San Giovanni 1 – 3292557079 –

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