Co-innovation in the service of science? to your thoughts!

We are 63% in France, with an increase of 20% per year… Connected objects have invaded our daily lives, our imaginations and sometimes our worries. What role can co-innovation play to better design them and that they answer questions of security or sustainable development? This is the whole point of a joint survey between Futura and EDF Pulse & You.

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More and more, the Internet of Things is invading our daily lives. Connected objects make our lives easier in the medical and domestic spheres… but they also transmit massive amounts of data and raise ethical questions.

co-innovation, or Intelligence Collective is experiencing an increasingly significant boom in organizations. certainly because of bringing together a community of end users or its actors Ecosystem The knowledge of each individual often leads to new solutions. On major subjects as related goods, could collective intelligence have an effect on making them socially and environmentally more virtuous?

a survey was therefore co-designed EDF Pulse & You To better understand how collaborative science and the exchange of ideas help advance projects and innovation. How do you think co-innovation can or should participate in? how? Your answers will feed Futura’s first paper review to understand the world in turmoil… The most relevant ideas will be published and the first 100 participants will receive an exclusive copy!

I want to give my opinion on this topic!

10,000 Pulsars, 100 Campaigns, 60,000 Views

Co-innovation is the daily life of EDF Pulse and you and its community. only for 5 years, Pulsar shares their views, responds to suggestions from EDF and other participants to envision products and tomorrow’s services, EDF project managers, start-ups, individuals, every member of the community can share their experiences and thoughts on topics related to the comfort of home, energetic transition And see electric mobility and thus its projects come true. Since its launch, the EDF Pulse & You has sold 10,000 . collected more than Pulsar Across France, over 100 campaigns were launched, and more than 60,000 ideas And the comments have already been shared on the platform.

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interest in co-innovation

An enthusiastic and fruitful dynamic with which Futura wanted to engage in science and its desire to make these issues accessible to all. , Given these properties, the connection with pulsars seems clear to us., explains Gail Le Boulch, in charge of Open Innovation for Individual Clients for EDF. We are convinced of the interest of co-innovation, But… what if we could help science too? This beautiful problem, this ambition, is what we want to share with this campaign today. Futura seems to be the ideal partner for us to animate and enhance results. So to your keyboard! Your first thoughts are great! As always, let it go! » Whether you are an expert, a regular or a novice, your opinion matters!

I Participate in the Survey: Collective Intelligence in the Service of Science!

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