Co-down female coronavirus contracts speak of ‘sudden deterioration’

One co-down woman spoke of her sudden deterioration after contracting the coronavirus and urged the other to take care to protect themselves and their families.

Oli Hart, 37, said he had gone from hiking to extreme fatigue within days.

Four weeks ago, the business woman and artist noticed a strange taste in her mouth, and the Covid-19 goes for testing.

“I knew I was positive and it went downhill from there,” he told the PA news agency.

“Within 48 hours my symptoms are from bad breath in my mouth and I am unable to stay in bed and get up.”

Mrs. Hart visited A&E twice while she was ill after her symptoms became severe.

“I couldn’t hold any conversations and my heart was pretty bad so I went to Matter Hospital for the Covid Center and they checked my stats,” he said.

“Thankfully, it was nothing but covid and my heart was working pretty well with it. My oxygen levels were just right, I had excessive fatigue, I ran out of energy. I couldn’t really keep my head up.

“It was like the flu ten times and it changed every day so the headache was one day, the temperature was spreading another day, this really heavy condition was like sitting on my chest. It felt so unknown.

“Every day was brutal for seven days but I looked very well between GP and A&E.”

Mrs. Hart describes her inability to bind her youngest son as one of the most challenging parts of separation.

“We have three sons, I have a business, and overnight we just had to adapt,” he said.

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“I stayed in the front room and any time I went to the kitchen or brought food to me and left it at the door, we had to disinfect it. I had a bathroom, the family had another bathroom.

“Our youngest is four years old so he thinks it’s the hardest because of the hug.

“Sometimes he wanted to come in the middle of the night and knock on the door, so that’s another element of this kind of panic.

“But in general they all dealt very well and gratefully didn’t have any symptoms.”

Mrs. Hart ran an online workshop that had to be postponed for four weeks, including a children’s birthday party, which she said as a mom made her feel the most upset because the children were encouraged to do so.

He resumed the online workshop last weekend, but was careful to take plenty of rest before that.

Mrs. Harte called on people to be relentless in their protection and stressed that despite her short-lived heart condition, she was stunned when she learned that she had tested positive.

Four weeks later, he said he still got it out of the feeling of breathing.

“There is still a lot to know about the virus but a full recovery may take up to six months and I have been referred to a cardiologist to check if there is any damage to the covid with my heart condition,” he said.

“I am 37 years old, I was hiking the day before and the day before I was cycling on my own, strong, healthy and I fell off.

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“Boys go to school but we have hand sanitizers everywhere, my staff work for me from home

“Yes, I have an underlying condition but my heart condition is minimal so I would urge people to think hard about their family properly.

“I was terrified that my mother was in our bubble and she was at high risk as she got older.

“Even when I was at A&E I couldn’t keep my head up and I thought, this is real, this is very real.”

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