CMV: “Spookies – Die Killermonster” and Other New Releases on Blu-ray in November 2021 — Update

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CMV: “Spookies – Die Killermonster” and Other New Releases on Blu-ray in November 2021 — Update

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As we have already reported, CMV LaserVision will happen in November 2021.”Boogeyman – The Black Man“(USA, Germany, New Zealand 2005) and Umberto Lenzis”Twitch“(Italy 1974) in Keep Case on Blu-ray and as limited mediabook edition launch. Further titles have now been announced that Independent Alive will publish on Blu-ray Disc in the respective month in AG’s distribution. Appears for the first time in Germany on 26 November “Spookies – Die KillerMonster(USA 1986). A formerly sequel horror comedy about a magician who sacrifices other people to keep his wife alive, alternately known as Amre and Im mediabook be available. Final details are yet to come.


Documentary film “life after the flash“About (UK 2017)”Flash Gordon“Star Sam J Jones on Blu-ray as a Limited mediabook-edition With DVD and booklet out. Bonus content includes trailers and an extensive picture gallery. In mediabook The German HD premiere of the erotic comedy will also take place on 26 November.Tender Temptation“(France, Italy 1986). The sound format and special features have not yet been presented. All CMV titles announced for November 2021 can then be viewed in our overview.” The packshot of the book Boogeyman “Media has also been published. Was disclosing that “Hawa“(USA 1980) by Ulli Lommel is included as a bonus Blu-ray. (SW)

  • Boogeyman_2005_Galerie_Mediabook.jpg

Update:From now on, all technical specifications and equipment details as well as product images are known. CMV Laservision also revealed that “Spookies – Die Killermonster” and “Tender Temptation” are each evaluated in the two media books with different cover artwork. All information about publications can be found in our film database.

On Blu-ray Disc from November 12, 2021:
On Blu-ray Disc from November 26, 2021:
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