Clubhouse is experiencing a sharp decline in downloads

The clubhouse application is attracting fewer and fewer new users. It was “only” downloaded 922,000 times worldwide in April, a decline of 66% from 2.7 million installations in March, according to Censor Tower.

9.6 million downloads in February

The clubhouse flew during the epidemic for all its audio concept with “rooms” and invitation-only access. But the excitement that it had seemed to be running out of steam. However, it should be remembered that in February it reached new heights with 9.6 million downloads, thus an increase of 300% compared to the month of January. It is difficult to maintain such a level.

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An application that remains queen in Silicon Valley

Despite this lethargy, the clubhouse could be worth $ 4 billion. Because it manages to retain its users and is very popular in Silicon Valley. It has to be said that owners like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg assured themselves of a great promotion by expressing themselves there.

In April, the platform partnered with payment company Stripe to allow users to send money to the creators at the clubhouse. It will be accessible soon without invitation and will launch on Android this summer. Meanwhile, Twitter-like behemoths are trying to overshadow it with Spaces, pushing a similar concept.

Source: Business Insider

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