Clubhouse Database is on sale, RDV Sep 4

Your cell phone number is probably in the hands of a hacker right now, ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Mark Roof, a cybersecurity researcher, has shared a truly astonishing discovery: 3.8 billion identifiers online on the darknet, resulting in hacks in the good standing of the Clubhouse application. As a reminder, it’s a social network similar to Discord’s Voice Room, which is worth as much as $4 billion to date according to some experts.

In the list, we find not only mobile but also fixed line, be it personal or professional information. But then, how can such personal information leak? Its manager explains it simply: “Clubhouse is connected live to all of its users’ contacts, which means that every time you add a phone number to your address book, [celui-ci] Automatically adds to Clubhouse’s “secret” database.

A priceless ranking?

What’s more, the content comes with a full assortment, again according to criminals, categorizing numbers according to their popularity. It should be understood that Clubhouse assigns a score to each number actually collected, which is calculated according to the number of platform members it counts in its directory.

With this score,We are able to estimate the network level of each telephone number in the world“Reassure criminals. These statistics are especially interesting for companies that care little about the origin of their data. It is also easy to imagine that this type of product could be deployed to large-scale cold calling campaigns. may represent to advertisers.

it’s hard to know if you’re worried

As specified by the hacker, who nevertheless provided a sample of over eighty million targets to prove the authenticity of his approach, the document is already up for auction. End of Sale: September 4th. Those who wish to have easy and secure access to the darknet can check whether their numbers are included in the preview by following our dedicated tutorials. However, the link to the forum where the post is located has not been publicly released by Ruef.

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