Closed beta has finally got a release date

closed betaoverwatch 2 It was announced a while back, but still the release date was not received. It’s done today! So the closed beta opens its doors on Saturday 26th April., This beta specifically follows the alpha to get complete feedback on the game by the internal developers as well as pro players.

Overwatch 2 Messiah As Expected

Everyone in the video game field today knows Activision-Blizzard’s internal problems, problems that actually affected the release of some titles such as Diablo IV, or overwatch 2The latter has already been announced for a few years. But we’ll have to wait another 2023 to be able to touch the game, Blizzard CEO Daniel Alegre confirmed the reasons for these postponements:

, As we work with new management and with the franchise, particularly in key creative positions, it has become clear that some Blizzard content planned for next year will need more development time to reach its full potential. will receive.” .

To lower and reassure players’ expectations, Blizzard has set up a closed beta that we’ve already detailed, which will allow us to learn a little more about the game’s ambition. The beta date was announced last Friday over a game development stream.

You can now register for the closed beta ofoverwatch 2 Scheduled for 26 April on the official website.

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