Climate: “Debate of the Century” Soon on Twitch?

Dreamer Jean Massiet can 100% get candidates for the presidential election for the climate “debate of the century”. It’s due out on Twitch on March 13th. As of now, only Yanik Jadot has confirmed his presence. // deal of the century

Streamers may host Jean Massiet “Century Debate” On the climate on March 13. Many candidates are expected to come for the presidential election on this occasion. This initiative responds to a request made by four NGOs of L’Affaire du Sicle.

The Deal of the Century calls for it, Jean Massiet should hold it on 13 March. On the Twitch platform, Dreamer invites several presidential candidates to a “debate of the century” devoted entirely to climate. According to Liberation, almost all of the Elysees’ pretenders are invited. Far-right candidates, notably Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemour, are not expected. Organizers believe that “value” Two of the candidates are incompatible with him.

“What interests me is the condemnation of the state for climate inaction. Which means that the next president of the republic will have an obligation to present an action plan to the judges to respond to this condemnation.Explains on Twitter that Joe defines himself as “the first political streamer on Twitch”.

As NGOs Oxfam France, Greenpeace, Notre Affaires Tous and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation recently proposed, all should discuss the climate issues France will face during the next presidential term. The debate comes in the context of a strong demand from activists and unions to look further at ecological and climate issues. In fact, according to the onclusive barometer for L’Affaire du sicle, these questions represent only 2.7% of media coverage of the presidential election.

century debate “A great event not to be missed”

As of now, only EELV candidate Yannick Jadot has confirmed his participation in this “debate of the century”. The latter would have postponed their big meeting at the Zenith de Paris to March 27 specifically for the occasion. Socialist Anne Hidalgo and Communist Fabian Roussel have reached an agreement in principle, subject to availability. For Kristian Toubira, winner of the popular primary, it’s debate “A great event not to be missed”, However, his very little sponsorship – 104 at the time Natura Sciences wrote this article – could have prevented him from applying.

On behalf of La France Insomis, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s team claims that they have not received the invitation. It’s the same story with Valérie Pécresse, in Les Républicains. At present, the presence of the current President of the republic also remains a mystery. While Emmanuel Macron is still not a candidate, it is not possible to know whether 100% of the climate debate in Jean Massiet will be on the schedule of his Flash campaign.

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