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An injustice when the region has one of the lowest pollution rates per resident in the world.

Despite being the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases, African countries are spending up to 5% of their GDP to protect themselves from the effects of climate change, such as droughts, floods and crop loss, according to a report released on Saturday. failure of. The work by Nairobi-based think tank Power Shift Africa focused on seven countries, including Kenya, Liberia and Ethiopia, looking at their spending but also the impact of these disasters on their development.

Ethiopia is the highest spender, according to the organization, devoting 5.6% of its GDP to tackling climate disasters. South Sudan, which has affected more than 850,000 people with very heavy rains and floods in recent years, is expected to lose 3.1% of its GDP in the coming years, according to the text. For its part, Sierra Leone, whose residents emit an average of 80 times less CO2 than US citizens, will spend about 80 million euros per year, or 2.3% of GDP, to adapt to climate change.

less pollution but first hit

,This report shows the deep injustice of the climate emergencyMohamed Addo, Director of Power Shift Africa, said. ,It is absolutely not acceptable that the costs fall on those who suffer the most, while contributing least to climate change.“For Mohamed Addo, African Countries Need Aid”BigTo address climate change.

African countries are struggling to mobilize resources to optimize and limit their emissions. According to a study published in November, if the temperature rises by 2.9 degrees Celsius, the GDP of the 65 poorest countries will see an average decline of 20% by 2050 and 64% by 2100. According to this study, eight of the ten most affected countries are located in Africa. To date, the average temperature on Earth has risen by 1.1 °C above the level at the end of the 19th century.

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