Cinema-Poem The King and the Bird Cinema Saint-Andre des Arts, March 27, 2022, Paris.

Exact date and time: Sunday, March 27, 2022
2 pm to 4 pm

As part of the childhood of the arts, in partnership with La Maison de la Baie, compose and write poems from the set of the film with Melanie Yvonne. The King and the Bird is a masterpiece of animated cinema, directed by Paul Grimault and Jacques Prevert.

Come and write your own poem after Takicardi’s palace-inspired film The King and the Bird.

Summary of the film:

King Charles V and the Three is eight and eight reigned sixteen as a tyrant over the kingdom of Takicardi. Only a playful and talkative bird, which has built its nest on top of the vast palace, very close to Her Majesty’s secret apartment, dares to taunt her. Raja falls in love with a charming and humble shepherd, whom he wants to marry under duress. But it loves a little chimney sweep. Both ran to escape from the king…

Cinema Saint-Andre des Arts 29 rue Saint-Andre des Arts Paris 75006


Workshop; Cinema
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