Chromebook: Google has launched a new diagnostic application

Google has updated a Chrome OS that makes Chromebook troubleshooting easier by combining the search box with a new diagnostic app fitted by Apple with Spotlight.

The Chrome OS version 90 update strengthens the launcher on the Chromebook by allowing it to answer more questions – so far the launcher has allowed users to search for apps, local files, and Google. From the last update, the launcher will also answer maths questions and let users know the local weather. Thus it is close to searching through Spotlight on iOS and MacOS.

Thanks to the new launcher features, Chromebook users no longer need to open a new browser tab to find these answers. All they have to do is press the “All” button – where the keyboard is traditionally a cap lock. Google is making it easy to find the source of hardware issues with new “diagnostics” applications. Some Reddit users have been testing the diagnostic app since January.

Simplified diagnosis

The diagnostics app is available on all Chromebooks and can be used to check the status of a laptop’s battery, processor, and memory. The app also provides links to relevant support pages and test results can be saved to be shared with a customer service representative.

Last month, Google launched Live Caption in the Chrome browser, and the feature is now available on “most” Chromebooks. This feature can be enabled in the “Advanced” section of the “Settings” menu and automatically adds subtitles to web or audio and video files that can be dragged and dropped in Chrome.

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To make it easier to scan documents and receipts, a new scan feature has been introduced by Google for the tax season. This feature requires a printer or scanner to feed the scanning application with document images. Scans work over Wi-Fi and USB connections, but not over Bluetooth.


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