Chrome coming soon Android 12. but will change his mind

Android 12 Will stand out from its predecessors thanks to a new interface called content you. Google Started implementing this new design in your browser chrome.

The number one search engine company announced Content U at its developer conference last May. The new interface is being seen as Google’s most ambitious move towards the next major release of its mobile operating system. Content You are all about embracing expression and emotion using soft shapes and vibrant color themes that match the wallpaper. Over the past few weeks, Google’s apps have embraced the features of the new aesthetic guidelines.

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After the integration of new colors last month, it looks like Chrome is now getting a facelift in the Material U style.

Activate Chrome with New Shades of Color

Google has updated its dynamic color scheme for its web browsers. This allows the complete extraction of the material you colors can be backed up. Chrome will be implementing the new nuances throughout its interface. Remember that the accent of colors according to the wallpaper will be a generalized feature in Android 12.

Chrome will begin to capture the colors sampled by Android 12 and apply them to its user interface. The home page and tab grid will have a subtle color applied to their background which varies depending on the wallpaper of the phone. The address bar will also have a scalable color. Note that the dynamic tint will appear when the device is in dark mode, which looks more interesting than the boring dark gray.

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The lack of color applied to some parts of the interface, particularly in the context menu, indicates that the functionality is not ready for the general public. But even though the deployment isn’t complete yet, the aesthetics already very much match the planned design for Android 12. Remember that Chrome is only one of many applications from Google to adopt the new user interface. This reflects the Mountain View firm’s determination to generalize to its subject.

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In testing only on Canary

For now, the Chrome version of Content Aap is not yet available to the general public. Google is currently testing the new integration in Canary. Remember that Canary is the version of Chrome for testing new features of the browser. It is much more unstable than the beta version. Bugs found in Canary have been fixed. The new options are then tested on a beta version of Chrome.

In addition, the activation of the content is done manually. You need to go to flags page by following: chrome://flags. The activation button is in “Dynamic Color”. Then Chrome Canary will restart to allow the changes.

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