Chrome: A security flaw so dangerous that Google refuses to give details

An update that fixes various vulnerabilities of Chrome 91 is already available.

Several security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Chrome 91, the latest version of Google’s web browser, available since late May. The PC and mobile versions of Chrome are affected by these vulnerabilities, some of which qualify as critical. Many of them are said to be actively exploited by hackers. That is why Google Advises users to update their web browser.

Due to the active exploitation of several flaws, the Mountain View firm will not share details related to the vulnerabilities discovered in version 91 of Chrome until the majority of users have installed the patch, i.e. version 91.0.4472.101. An option that is not surprising and aims to avoid making the job easier for hackers who in turn want to take advantage of these loopholes.

This update is being rolled out for the users. So you can install it on Windows, Linux and Android right now.

For the PC version, go to Chrome and go to browser settings by clicking on the three little dots in the top right. Then select Help, then “About Google Chrome”. You should be redirected to a new page. If you are offered the 91.0.472.101 update, just install it. If not, you’ll have to do a forced search.

On Android, open the Google Play Store and select your photo. Then tap “My Games & Apps” and tap “Updates” in front of Google Chrome.

In the event that no updates are offered, be patient, it shouldn’t take long. Google is actually releasing patches for its users.

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