Christopher Columbus statues demolished on the 4th of July weekend

Protesters took the lead of a Christopher Columbus statue in Connecticut, threw another into Baltimore’s harbor and fired at a “vanguard family” statue in Portland, Oregon during the weekend of July 4th, and clashes on controversial monuments continued to rage.

“While lawful protests and a constructive dialogue about whether certain monuments will be included in the content or whether they will be transported to museums through a legal process, the government of Maryland is completely unacceptable,” said the government of Maryland. Facebook post after the Columbus statue in Baltimore was launched on Sunday.

“Baltimore city leaders need to regain control of their streets and start securing immediately,” wrote Hogan. “This is the antithesis of democracy and should be condemned by everyone, regardless of their policy.”

The marble statue of Columbus, standing on a pedestal near Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood, was set up by demonstrators on Saturday night, July 4.

The crowd tied her to the rope and knocked it down before dragging it to the Inner Harbor and rolling it into the water.

The statue was built in 1984 and later dedicated by Mayor William Donald Schaefer and later President Ronald Reagan.

This was not the only monument targeted by the 15th century Italian explorer at the weekend.

Waterbury, Conn., Police discovered on Saturday morning that the head of the 12-meter granite Columbus statue near the Town Hall was stopped overnight and still missing.

“This was a gift from the Italian-Americans to the city of Waterbury, and it is unfortunate that it was not sanctified in this way,” said local congress candidate David X. Sullivan.

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Sculptures of historical figures, including Columbus, George Washington, Confederation figures and other slave owners, have become the target of the Black Lives Matter performances, as they renewed discussions on the mixed heritage of national racial unrest.

Portland, Oregon, police declared a revolt while burning the “Promised Land”, a sculpture in a park outside the city’s justice center, according to the Daily Mail.

The bronze statue, commemorating the Oregon Road, depicts a pioneering father, mother, and son.

The newspaper reported that the demonstrators’ justice center was trying to burn itself.

President Trump has condemned the monuments as sacred. At his rally on Mount Rushmore on Friday, he promised to sign an executive order to create the “national garden of American heroes to contain the sculptures of great Americans.”

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